When you’re looking to entertain in your backyard, what kind of space are you looking for?

Maybe you’re seeking an intimate space for a quiet dinner for two with ambient light from a nearby fire feature and great trees and plants that provide privacy, as well as great texture and floral scent.

Or maybe you love having all of the neighbors or close friends over on a regular basis, and you need a space that is big enough to accommodate a larger crowd so everyone is comfortable and can interact, hang out and play games.

It could be that you want something that has more of a lounge feel where you can just relax and enjoy your backyard -- whether it’s alone or with a few family members or friends. You just want that moment to chill out after a long, hard day, and you want your outdoor landscape to set this scene of tranquility and peace.

And quite possibly you’re not just one note. Sometimes you want an intimate, quiet dinner, and other times you want fun, chatter, and entertainment with a group of people. You know what? You don’t have to choose just one look to represent only one facet of your personality. You can actually have a bit of both to suit all of your needs.

This is what a local couple decided to do recently with their backyard: have the best of multiple kinds of spaces! Let’s look at their landscape design and installation in Shorewood, IL to give you some ideas on how it can be done.

Shorewood, IL Landscape Project Challenges & Solutions

This Shorewood, IL landscape project was unique in that the homeowners wanted to do multiple types of activities in their yard.

When they bought the house, it just had a small 10-foot-by-12-foot patio off of the back of the house and not much else. This didn’t accommodate their needs.

They were looking for two distinct places -- one for dining and one for entertaining.

Backyard patio and pavilion for entertaining

The couple also had a large amount of sun in their backyard, so they were seeking shade and protection from the elements.

They also wanted a water feature that both spaces could enjoy equally.

A landscape design professional that can understand all of a customer’s needs can address every issue and create a landscape that truly fits their requirements, without leaving out any key elements.

#1. Creating Two Spaces in One

The Shorewood, IL landscape project homeowners were seeking one space where they can have both options for dining and entertaining.

This meant thinking beyond the normal large, rectangular patio that fits one purpose.

natural bluestone patio for outdoor dining and entertaining

So KD Landscape created a multi-use patio made with bluestone, shaped in a bit of a long figure-eight design where half the space is focused on dining and half is focused on entertaining. The spaces cohesively connect.

Around both spaces, the company planted low-growing perennials, hostas, hydrangeas, and groundcovers to keep their views open and create softscapes that don’t interfere with access or backyard views. Plants are used for screening in the backyard on the sides to block neighbor views.

plantings around bluestone patio for entertaining

This means the client has time to spend with family and friends connecting in the outdoors, whether they are dining, catching up, or entertaining.

#2. Protection From the Elements

The Shorewood, IL landscape project homeowners also have a very sunny backyard. While the sun is welcome, it can also add up in Chicago’s hot summers. No one wants to be chased indoors because they are too hot or getting sunburnt.

Homeowners enjoying pavilion and patio

So, KD Landscape incorporated a pavilion over half the patio to provide that protection from the elements -- sun and rain -- so they can enjoy the outdoors without worry. Spring or fall rainstorms and summer heat don’t stop them from going outside.

#3. Adding a Sensory Element

The Shorewood, IL landscape project homeowners found a water feature they loved in a spherical shape.

spherical water feature in outdoor living space

KD Landscape’s challenge was to find it and incorporate it seamlessly into the space.

The perfect spot for the water feature was off to the side in the center of the two patio spaces. This way, whether the couple is dining or entertaining friends, they can have the soothing sound of water trickling in the background.

A Successful Landscape Project Fits Your Lifestyle

You don’t always want to do the same thing every evening or weekend. Sometimes you want to dine al fresco, and other times you want to entertain your family and friends.

We don’t judge. We agree that being able to do both can best fit your lifestyle and needs long-term. And when you’re investing in a landscape design and installation in Shorewood, IL, you want to be able to use it all of the time.

That’s when you know your needs are well-met and you were listened to as a customer. When a landscape professional can create a cohesive backyard for you that brings together multiple elements in one functional and beautiful way, everyone wins -- you most of all.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your Suburban Chicago backyard into a place you’ll never want to leave? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver a custom space. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a backyard that works best for you.

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