Do you ever notice that comfortable, cozy feeling you get when you walk into an outdoor area and it feels like that space has been there forever? Maybe you feel like it was carved out of nature itself and you just magically stepped into this cool-toned, breathtaking outdoor oasis?

That is the power of a bluestone patio. Distinct, graceful aesthetics in cool tones reminiscent of water, sky, and pieces of sunrise and sunset all at once.

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We know you can’t help but have a soft spot in your heart for bluestone. Its beautiful color variation, strength, and durability can enhance almost any landscape. Breathtaking. Stylish. What are you waiting for? Your bluestone patio is practically calling for you to enjoy its dimension and depth of color with some scones and a cup of coffee.

bluestone patio and pergola

Bluestone Color Variations: Nature at Its Finest

Yes, bluestone has blue in its name, but its color can embrace those true blues or expand beyond all blue. The variety of options available make bluestone mix seamlessly into multiple scenarios from contemporary to classic.

There are three main types of high-quality bluestone options we work with:

  • Thermal - This is the most refined in appearance and is heat-treated. It represents two shades of blue, occasionally a third.

  • Natural Cleft, Blue/Blue - This bluestone is a bit more rustic in appearance than thermal and represents two shades of blue.

  • Natural Cleft, Full Range - This bluestone is the most rustic in appearance, providing substantial color variations, including blues, grays, ochres, and rusts.
It’s an unmistakable look that is earthy and distinguished.
people enjoying dinner on bluestone patio

Bluestone Can Be Smooth, Rustic & Everything Inbetween

Do you want clean lines? A consistent style laid in a particular pattern will bring you comforting order. Thermal bluestone is flamed to have a smooth surface, providing a more contemporary, modern look.

Looking for a more organic appearance? We can lay Natural Cleft bluestone with its rustic ridges to form a non-repeatable pattern that is unique to your space. No two stones are alike, so you get a one-of-a-kind finish. This creates visual intrigue that is a conversation starter.

Fire feature on a bluestone patio

Bluestone’s Known For Its Durability

Bluestone is durable and long-lasting, resisting breaks and cracks. The natural, earth tones of its water-resistant surfaces complement any landscape.

Bluestone with a natural texture rarely gets slick or slippery. It can tolerate all kinds of weather and temperature fluctuations. Greater Chicago area snow and ice won’t crack it.

Run, jump, and play on your bluestone patio, or maybe place that heavy patio set right in the center. Don’t worry; It can handle the traffic and the weight.

Ready To Bring that Blue Sky Feeling to Your Patio?

We know you love bluestone, so we’ve become experts in it. We use Pennsylvania bluestone varieties for that distinct look, texture, and charm. And just like our other patios, we prepare a solid foundation so the patio remains like new for years and years.

If you’re feeling blue when you look at your current backyard or worn patio, a bluestone patio design and installation could cheer you right up. What are you waiting for?

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