Spending time outside … there’s nothing like it.

The sunshine. The birds. The gentle breeze. The sweet smell of grass and maybe a hint of the perfume-like spring hyacinth. The rustling of leaves. The trickling of a water feature nearby.

Now imagine spending more time outdoors – in virtually any weather and during any hour.

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This is possible with the addition of a landscape structure to your property, such as a pergola or a pavilion that can enhance your outdoor living experience. In fact, these wood, free-standing structures are majorly trending in the Greater Chicago area for just that reason. They now appear in more than half of our residential landscape installations

pergola on patio

Pergolas: Structures that Bring Height & Dimension

A pergola typically has an open roof, allowing you to see the layered beams above. Think charming, architectural detail.

The addition of creeping vines or retractable canopies make pergolas even more functional, bringing additional shade and rain cover.

The color of the material can give pergolas an overall look that ties into your home design, as well as patio and deck materials.

Pergolas can arch over a garden walkway or path, providing a small, decorative touch that inspires you and your guests to linger and smell the roses … literally. Maybe there’s also a bench under that pergola so you can enjoy a good book.

Curtains or tall plantings surrounding your pergola can enhance your privacy, providing you with a cozy nook for outdoor naps or quiet dining with family.

Enjoy pergolas well into the evening hours with the addition of lighting.

pavilion on patio

Pavilions: True Extensions of Your Indoors

Want to extend your home living space into the outdoors? A pavilion is like a home with no walls. As such, pavilions provide you with more rain protection than pergolas. So you can comfortably read a magazine, have lunch, or even watch a football game – all while also enjoying the great outdoors.

You can even complement the details of your home you love by bringing those colors and textures into your pavilion, so it truly looks like an addition.

Pavilions can have finished ceilings as well, creating possibilities for mounting ceiling fans or recessed lighting.

Spring and fall can bring some evening chills to the Greater Chicago area landscape, but the addition of outdoor heating to your pavilion can extend your use of this outdoor structure.

To block out excess sun or wind, retractable blinds or sunscreens can protect you while you enjoy your pavilion in any condition.

This is also a great place to stage your outdoor kitchen. You know those grilled burgers taste so much better after being cooked outdoors; let’s make sure excess rain or scalding sun don’t stop you from a great meal.

Pergolas & Pavilions: Important Pieces of Your Outdoor Living Area

Pergola and pavilion installation takes detailed planning and careful installation to secure a landscape structure that stands the test of time.

You want a structure that functions for your specific needs, providing shade where and when it should, as well as blends in with its surroundings and your other landscape design elements.

You also want a strong material. We prefer Western red cedar, a renewable resource that can be painted or stained and provides reliable long life in the landscape. We know how to build a structure that has staying power. Full concrete footings anchor our pergolas and pavilions.

Our job is to make sure that the structure looks like it was meant to be there: a unique vertical dimension that adds a critical component to your backyard needs. Thoughtful design. Expert craftsmanship. And, most importantly, a timeless space you can immediately use.

Ready to talk about your backyard landscape structure goals? We can’t wait to meet your needs with a pergola or pavilion that serves as a visual focal point, as well as a much-loved retreat.

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