Reminiscent of that quaint vacation bed and breakfast you remember thoroughly enjoying one summer, your brick patio can take you back there without the expensive flight.

It’s the place where you sip your morning coffee and listen to the birds during their sunrise chorus.

Your patio is for that a cool glass of iced tea while you’re unwinding after work or a long, stressful day.

You invite friends and family here on the weekends to enjoy lively conversation, hearty laughs, and make enduring memories. Bet they can’t help but mention your patio’s unique design and how it integrates with the surrounding space.

The scenery makes the scene. And a brick patio is the sturdy, stable, and intricate base for this multi-functional space in your yard. It’s like the canvas of a landscape masterpiece ... the beginning of a beautiful backyard.

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The brick patio design and installation services we offer in the Greater Chicago area create a scene that is anything but boring.

Brick patio colors

Brick Colors: More Than Just Red

The color of brick you choose can reflect different designs and feelings in your yard. Many people think of bricks as coming in that traditional red hue, but they can also come in gray, off-white, beige, mauve, brown, black, and other colors in between.

Matching your patio to your existing home and landscape design is what we do best. Red bricks with a slightly weathered or white-washed look can be a great choice for a more traditional home. But if your home is more modern or contemporary, you might consider a gray or a darker finish.

brick landscape walkway

Brick Patterns: If You Can Dream It …

So many patterns, so little time. The space you have can help determine your pattern options.

Bricks laid in simple rows can shine in larger patios. Basketweave patterns create order and uniformity. The Herringbone pattern is timeless and classic.

Rhythmic patterns can bring a peaceful feeling, while contrasting patterns are unique and artistic. One pattern might encourage lingering, enjoying the scents wafting in from a nearby herb garden, for instance. Another pattern may inspire movement like what happens during a bustling brunch. Circular patterns can draw the eye to the center, maybe to a focal point sculpture.

Combining multiple brick patio colors and patterns – using one for the center of the patio or walkway and then one for the border – can create a look all its own.

patio installation

Brick’s Sturdiness Stands the Test of Time

When that third little pig chose brick, he knew what he was doing.

Brick can stand the test of time. Hardworking. Aesthetically versatile. Easy to maintain. Affordable. Classic and elegant, brick is a timeless selection.

But a patio that will withstand your continued enjoyment needs a solid base. This is nothing for you to worry about: We got this. We lay a thick, stable base in your yard, creating a level foundation for your patio – no matter your elevation challenges. We thrive on the longevity of our patios that don’t sag, sink, or heave.

We have experience in technical hardscape installation, so we know how to prep it, install it and leave it clean and ready to use. We know you don’t have time to pester your landscape professional about cleaning up your space. It’ll be beaming when we’re done, so you can just kick off your sandals and start enjoying it.

We admit it - we’re proud of our brick patio design and installation work in the Greater Chicago area. And we want you to be proud, too.

You want a one-of-a-kind brick patio that isn’t cookie-cutter, and it’s our pleasure to deliver. 

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