Yes, we have a company history spanning more than 20 years in the Greater Chicago area. Our Owner Kevin Manning has lived and breathed landscaping since his teens, earning a horticulture degree from the University of Illinois before starting the company in 1996.

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Our fully licensed and insured staff is made up of friendly, skilled, and creative people.

But we know you’re busy. And what you really want to know about us is what we can do for you.

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We’re Committed to Your Happiness

We get excited every day by providing commercial landscape services. It’s in our blood; we can’t help it.

We also provide services to homeowners on a limited basis.

As a commercial property manager, you want a landscape company with the flexibility to meet your strict deadlines and the ability to handle everything from commercial landscaping to maintenance to snow removal with ease. We thrive on creating specialty structures that you don’t know how to get accomplished. We eliminate your stress, provide solutions to your problems, and take something off of your overflowing plate.

You are busy. You’re looking for creative solutions and quality work. You want something unique. You don’t care about what the neighbors or other commercial facilities have; you want to set the community trend with a style that is all your own.

Different and unique is our forte. We’re up for any creative challenge.

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Sincerity is Our Middle Name

We are dedicated to creating long-lasting, delightful commercial landscaping solutions for your specific and unique needs in the Greater Chicago area.

We care about where we work because we’re local. We live here and work here, so we are invested in your satisfaction and bettering our local community together.

As such, we take dependability and responsiveness seriously. We’re honest. We’re authentic. It makes us who we are.

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Craftsmanship We’re Proud Of

We do the commercial landscape design and installation that takes your property from bland to glam. We add features that attract guests, delight team members and residents, and amaze the watchful public eye.

When we see our work – whether when it’s just finished or years after installation – we want it to be obvious that quality craftsmanship drove the end result. We’re so proud of the landscape design awards we’ve won for our creativity and technique. It means we’ve gone out of our way to impress you and create a one-of-a-kind space everyone can enjoy.

Need Landscape Help? We’re Your Company

We know that you have choices when it comes to hiring a commercial landscape company in the Greater Chicago area. Whether you’re a commercial property manager or developer seeking a clever solution, the last thing you want is to choose an ordinary commercial landscaper that will produce mediocre results.

You’re investing in commercial landscaping services because you need a partner you can rely on. And that’s what you deserve.

Our teams are also available for residential design-build projects.

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