We Build Careers, Not Just Landscaping Jobs

Do you feel appreciated at your current landscape job? Do you feel stuck in a mundane profession that drags from day to day and paycheck to paycheck? Do you wish you could be part of something more?

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We don’t want you to feel trapped or unhappy in an unfulfilling job. We want you to be able to find a place you enjoy that involves work you love to perform at a workplace you are excited to go to each day.

We know how to build landscapes … and we also know how to build careers.

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Landscape crew planting

We Embrace a Positive Work Environment

Planning, creating, and building amazing outdoor environments in the Greater Chicago area takes an amazing team. A team focused on commitment to the job, sincerity, and quality craftsmanship is special. And positivity is what encourages this daily focus.

We create a positive place to come to work each day. We have workplace harmony and camaraderie that makes it an enjoyable place to be. Our team members beam with the pride that comes with producing quality work.

An upbeat, optimistic environment breeds enthusiasm and flows into the rest of the day. That means our employees take that cheerfulness into their regular interactions with our customers.

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We Offer Year-Round Work

We know the landscape industry is often undependable when it comes to year-round, reliable work.

Because we provide a multitude of services that can be performed all year long, we try to keep our people through the winter.

This way they stay busy and happy, and don’t have to worry about supplementing their income during the colder months.

hedge trimming

We Believe in Bountiful Benefits

When you work outside in the Greater Chicago area, you need to be prepared for the seasonally changing elements. Our employees are representing our brand, so we provide them with logoed uniforms, jackets, sweatshirts, and work boots, in addition to uniform cleaning services, at no charge to them.

Our office staff and project managers enjoy health care benefits. Foreman level workers and up receive paid vacation days.

We also invest in continuing education and industry association involvement for our team members.

We’re also proud to say we pay at the high end of the local pay scale. We want to attract and keep the best and the brightest, so we don’t hesitate to pay well for good, quality work.

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Community Engagement Keeps Us Centered

We’re a local company, so we care about our Greater Chicago area community.

This means you’ll see us sponsoring school charities, donating trees to local organizations, and offering a free day of work and plant materials to a nearby cemetery each year.

Our employees take pride in knowing they are contributing to bettering the community.

Ready to Get To Work?

We want you to end each day feeling proud of what you do for a living. Working outside in the fresh air, using your unique skill sets, and creating landscapes that exceed all expectations make this a landscaping job you can truly dig into. (Yes, we went there.)

If you’re looking for a career in landscaping in the Greater Chicago area, we’d love to connect and learn more about you. Join us.