When you want to take a boring backyard and make it something usable and fun for the whole family, the ideas on what you can add can seem endless.

But as you review them, you might be wondering what backyard enhancements do the most for your property as true investments, in addition to giving you spaces you can enjoy. Knowing you can recover a part of any expenses you make in your landscape when you sell your home is always a plus.

Since not all outdoor features boast the same returns, we compiled a list of some of the best backyard features that add value so you can make a more informed decision about your next landscape enhancement.

5 Backyard Improvements That Increase Home Value in The Chicago Area

Not sure which backyard enhancement will bring the most value in your landscape space?

We get it. Some certainly add more value depending on function, price range, and what people in your area are looking for at the time or what’s trending.

These ideas are solid choices in Greater Chicago.

#1. Fire Feature

Looking to spend an elegant evening chatting with friends? Thinking of roasting marshmallows so you can make s’mores with your family? Eager to stay warm on cool evenings? Want to add some ambiance to your backyard?

A backyard improvement that adds value and can create all of these moments for you is a fire feature.

firepit on patio with plantings surrounding it

And you have so many options when adding fire into your landscape.

An outdoor fireplace is a landscape structure that is a focal point, creating an architectural element in your space. A fire pit, on the other hand, encourages interaction around its warmth. Fire tables add a unique element that is great for smaller spaces, bringing fire to your space but in a more contained fashion.

All of these fire features provide outdoor enjoyment you crave.

#2. Water Feature

After a long, tiring day, the relaxing flow of a water feature can help reduce your anxiety. And the frogs, birds, and dragonflies that it brings to your yard add other natural elements. These are the sights and sounds that are reminiscent of an expensive yoga class or that build the audio in your favorite relaxing background music, but you don’t have to go anywhere to experience them.

circular water feature on corner of patio

This is what makes water features backyard improvements that increase home value.

Whether you opt for a trickling stream, a whooshing waterfall, or a bubbling fountain, nothing beats the sounds they can bring to your backyard oasis. It’s instant stress-relief and a fascinating focal point in your garden – all at the same time.

#3. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a big draw for potential home buyers in Chicagoland.

As a backyard feature that adds value, an outdoor kitchen is a big investment that boasts tons of outside interaction and enjoyment.

patio with outdoor kitchen seating area and pergola

Specialty appliances like grills, refrigerators, and pizza ovens can all enable dining al fresco, adding a magical and fun element to dinners and parties.

An outdoor kitchen can also add a room element to your backyard, where you have your kitchen, then your patio for dining, and then your lounge area for after-dinner entertainment.

#4. Patio

Your backyard is all about entertainment. A patio sets the stage for this.

It’s a place for outside dining, a place for your kids to hang out, and a place to chill out.

patio with fire table

Not only is a patio a perfect outdoor oasis, but they require little maintenance compared to other landscape additions, and serve multiple functions, making them instant backyard improvements that add value.

#5. Pergola or Pavilion

When you’re adding a backyard enhancement that you want to get the most out of, you have to look for elements that protect you from Mother Nature’s many mood swings.

outdoor kitchen and pavilion with fireplace and pool

Enter pergolas and pavilions. A pergola typically has an open roof with layered beams overhead, while pavilions are small rooms with roofs and no walls. While both provide shade, a pavilion can also protect you from rain. A pavilion can be multi-purpose, suiting a larger space, and a pergola adds charm and architectural details.

Ready to Add Some Structure to Your Space?

You want to add a backyard element that brings maximum enjoyment, as well as high market value. We understand. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to cash in on home improvements when you sell your home.

Greater Chicago area homeowners are turning to their home exteriors when considering new renovations. They increase your livable space, function, and party hosting spaces.

For your project to bring the most return on investment, however, you need it to be installed professionally and correctly.

Let KD Landscape help. We have extensive experience installing these backyard elements in many Greater Chicago custom landscapes and can review your priorities and present you with an array of ideas that can enhance your usable space and get you maximum return on investment.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your Chicagoland backyard into a space you can use? Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that guarantees you years of outdoor enjoyment.

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