Have you ever sat in your backyard on a chilly evening, enjoying the stars in the night sky, only to be forced inside because you got too cold to enjoy it?

A fire feature can change that. The light and warmth of fire in the landscape draws you and your guests in. There’s no reason to go inside. Warmth. Relaxation. Food and drinks. Glowing flames create a hypnotic, relaxing effect. Everyone is gathered around, captivated. The ambiance. The dancing flames. Happiness. Comfort. Coziness.

gas fire pit

Fire Features Remind Us of Home

Whether it’s the flickering flames; the ambiance; the soothing, crackling sound, or the warm, welcoming, safe mood they create, fire pits say home like nothing else.

You could be meditating in your backyard, while the fiery glow conquers your stress. You could be sitting with your significant other, staring into each other’s eyes over the moving light. Or you could be hosting a lively shindig.

outdoor fireplace

Fire Features Are Not Only Cold-Weather Wonders

Yes, a fire pit’s main purpose is to produce heat. You know that feeling of sitting in a hot tub when it’s snowing outside? Same concept. It protects you from the elements in a warm and cozy way.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fire pit on a mild night.

The ambiance of the firelight can add a warm glow to your backyard on a summer evening, keeping bugs away. This is where you can also bring out the graham crackers, chocolate squares, and marshmallows. No one can resist s’mores.

A fire feature creates that perfect outdoor environment for long, meaningful evenings spent with family and friends. It’s also instant entertainment that encourages togetherness without distracting your guests.

If it’s a particularly warm evening in the Greater Chicago area, just pull the seats a little further away from the fire pit and you can still enjoy its many attributes.

fire pit on patio

Your Fire Feature, Your Way

Think fire pits just come in one color or kit? Think again. Your dream of a fire pit matching your brick patio or having pieces of bluestone to reflect the gray in your home stone or siding can be a reality. Modern. Traditional. Old World. Classic. There isn’t just one way to design a fire pit.

Our fire feature design and installation services mean your fire feature will be built to last. Like our patio bases, we take hardscape preparation seriously because we know the foundation is essential to a landscape structure’s future success.

We also take into account the space you have available and how to best use it. No one wants a fire pit that no one has room to sit around. Prioritizing functionality ensures your fire pit is not only a beautiful addition to your property but also one you can easily and readily use.

Do you have scenic views in the distance? We can stage your fire feature so that you benefit from the firelight, as well as the trees, vistas, valleys, or cityscapes. Glowing embers and moonlight; you can almost feel the stress of the day melt away as you sip a cocktail and watch the sunset, soaking in nature’s best moments.

A hot trend in landscapes today is the interplay of fire and water. A fire pit placed near a water feature or swimming pool can enhance the reflection of the firelight and give you that true escape … and yet it’s only a few feet away.

You want more than a home. You want a destination.

For generations, people have gathered around fires for warmth, light and companionship. The right fire feature can turn your yard into that familiar gathering space.

Let’s talk about your landscape design goals and where a fire feature might make an amazing addition to your outdoor oasis.

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