As an industrial facility manager, you never know what to expect with Greater Chicago winters. It can go from just a dusting of snow for weeks to multiple inches and a massive sheet of ice seemingly overnight.

It makes you wonder how much of a priority you should give to planning for it and ideally what time of year to hire a snow removal company. After all, you want to keep your property looking good and – most of all – you want to keep everyone who visits your site safe. You don’t want liability issues from employees or visitors slipping on ice or falling in the snow. And you don’t want branches heaving with snow and ice to cause building or vehicle damage.

Hiring snow and ice removal services in Greater Chicago at the right time can ensure you have this safety net in place no matter what kind of weather Old Man Winter decides to deliver.

Let’s discuss some advice on choosing commercial snow removal services and when to hire snow removal services so you can save time and money and make a confident decision.

When to Hire Snow Removal Services

Even though winters can be unpredictable here or you may think you can handle the snow and ice yourself, the worst thing you can do is wait until it’s actually winter to secure snow and ice removal services in Greater Chicago.

commercial snow removal truck plowing a neighborhood entrance

Why? Others may have underestimated the weather, too. That means their schedule could fill up before you get a chance to hire them.

That’s why starting your search for a commercial snow removal company before winter hits – ideally August or September – increases your chance of securing a reliable service professional.

What To Look For When Hiring Snow and Ice Removal Services in Greater Chicago

Unpredictable weather can be frequent in Greater Chicago, and that can cause quite a bit of trouble on your industrial facility in the winter while you’re trying to get business done.

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So when you hire someone to take care of commercial snow removal on your property, you want to be confident you made the right choice. Here are some things to focus on as you search for a partner to help you take care of these winter weather issues.

Experience in Snow and Ice Management

When to hire snow removal services starts with knowing that you’re choosing the right service partner.

Since every Greater Chicago snow and ice storm can be different, you want a professional company that understands that and knows how to handle each scenario.

Companies that train employees, keep an eye on weather forecasts, operate safely, and utilize quality control will be the ones that rise above the others.

Service Capacity

Oftentimes, snow and ice strike at odd hours of the day. Old Man Winter doesn’t care when employees or deliveries need to show up to your industrial facility.

The commercial snow removal company you hire must understand the capacity they have available to ensure they can clear your snow and ice, avoiding delays for your commercial facility.

Snow- and Ice-Specific Equipment

If you operate or manage an industrial site in Greater Chicago, you may need large equipment to handle big amounts of snow or specific equipment for walkways and sidewalks to target the snow and not damage the nearby lawn.

Commercial Snow Removal equipment at landscape yard preparing for a storm

This type of equipment can include skid-steers, loaders, as well as sidewalk snow removal machines. You also need salt and deicing products.

You must find a commercial snow removal service provider that has enough equipment and resources to service a property like yours.

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Responsive Customer Service

When you’re an industrial facility manager juggling multiple areas of your property, you want to know you can count on snow and ice removal services in Greater Chicago.

When the partner you hire keeps you in the loop about when work is done and remembers site specifics to ensure quality service, you have trust in the relationship and feel like you made the right choice.

Hire the Best Commercial Snow Removal Company For You

The time of year to hire a snow removal company is not always easy to figure out.

You may not even be thinking of winter right now. But you want to make sure you are ahead of any problems before they arise at your industrial facility.

As you look for the best commercial snow contractor for you, remember to ask potential service providers a lot of questions so you can assess their work experience and quality. You want to build a partnership for winter services to ensure you are never left without help when a snowstorm hits.

If you still find yourself having a hard time choosing a snow and ice management company that will fit your property’s needs, give KD Landscape a call. We know trying to find a service professional you trust can be challenging, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you. Give us a call – even in August – and we’ll put your winter storm worries to rest.

Want to learn more about how KD Landscape can help you manage snow and ice on your Greater Chicago commercial property? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can feel confident and make a great choice.

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