Winters in the Greater Chicago area can certainly bring a wide variety of conditions. One day, you’ll get a dusting of snow, and the next you get many feet of snow with a thick sheet of ice beneath.
That’s why managing the snowfall and ice buildup on your commercial grounds is a big priority on your facility management to-do list. Whether you take care of an industrial site, an educational facility, hospital, retail center, office park, or homeowners’ association, you want to keep your property looking good and – most of all – you want everyone who visits your property to navigate it safely. 
Just like you hire experts to manage other important areas of your facility, such as window washing and building security, you also want to hire someone to maintain your landscaping and grounds. But you certainly don’t want someone who is going to be there for just the sunshine and warm days.

You need a commercial landscaping business that offers both landscaping and snow removal in Greater Chicago. 
Here are the many reasons you want a company that can be the eyes and ears on your commercial exterior for the winter season, as well as spring, summer, and fall.

3 Reasons You Want to Hire a Commercial Landscaping and Snow Removal Company

During a light winter in Greater Chicago, you might have minimal worries about snow and ice on your commercial facility. 
But when are we ever guaranteed light winters? Unpredictable weather can be quite frequent in this area, and it can cause quite a bit of trouble on your commercial site.

How will workers make it into your office park on time for a day of work after an overnight storm? How will health care personnel and their patients safely navigate hospital grounds when the parking lots and sidewalks are covered in sheets of ice?

The people who frequent your commercial site don’t have time for delays, and you certainly don’t want your properties to be shut down as the result of a winter storm.

Learn More About Commercial Snow Removal with Our Comprehensive Guide

When snow falls and ice melts, you want to feel confident that you made the right choice in securing a commercial landscaping and snow removal company that can show up when you need them to and keep your facilities running smoothly and safely. 
Not sure how to pick the best company for your needs? Here are the reasons you want to make sure you hire a business that provides snow removal in addition to landscape maintenance.

1. You Reduce Your Liability Concerns

No one wants liability issues from visitors slipping and falling on ice or heavy snow breaking tree branches and damaging buildings or vehicles.
By hiring a landscaping and snow removal business, you don’t risk having to micromanage your liability problems during a busy and stressful winter. Your commercial professional is watching the weather and is ready to tackle your snow and ice accumulation to keep your site ready to receive visitors without risk of injury or damage. 

commercial snow removal team shoveling snow

Plus, a professional company with educated personnel will have the proper equipment and training necessary to do the job while ensuring the safety of everyone moving about your site on a daily basis. 
If you operate or manage a large commercial site in Greater Chicago, for instance, then you likely need larger equipment to handle massive amounts of snow and ice. This means skid-steers, loaders, and sidewalk snow removal units. You also need larger amounts of salt, calcium, and deicing agents.

As you seek out snow removal and landscaping for commercial properties, you want to find a company that has enough equipment and resources to service a property of your scope and size. They also must have the experience and knowledge using that type of equipment.

2. You Ensure Your Facility is a Priority 

Since commercial snow removal can be considered an emergency service, similar to police, fire, and emergency medical professionals, it must be conducted using a sense of urgency. While we aren’t arresting criminals or putting out fires, we are removing snow and ice that can bring about safety issues and concerns. 
A commercial landscaping and snow removal company can do this work more effectively and efficiently because they prioritize their year-long clients, so they never take on too much work that would risk yours getting done in a timely fashion. 

commercial snow removal team plows snow at property
This helps limit your business delays and any unsafe conditions that can result if snow and ice clearing doesn’t happen quickly. 
Your landscape company also knows your site well, so it makes it a smoother transition to understanding your needs when it comes to snow and ice removal.

3. You Build a Relationship That Ensures Responsiveness & Communication 

When you’re a facility manager juggling multiple areas of your commercial property, you want to know you can count on your partners for service and feel confident that the work will get done when it needs to.
You count on your service providers to keep you in the loop to limit your worries and give you confidence that you know what’s going on and that work is progressing as it should. 

snow removal team salts sidewalk at commercial property
Because your property has many moving pieces and parts, as well as many people who need access in and out of the site, you want to hire a commercial landscaping and snow removal professional who knows how to work with and respond to inquiries from people on your site, as well as keep in touch with you about this feedback and any suggested next steps and budget impacts. 
Hiring a business that you see all year long for both landscape maintenance and commercial snow removal services can ensure a more consistent and steady stream of communication.

Hire the Right Commercial Landscaping and Snow Removal Company For Your Needs

Choosing the right landscaping and snow removal company is not always an easy decision for a property manager. First of all, no two companies are the same or offer the same service. On top of that, the weather is never the same every year.

At the end of the day, you just want to make sure you have one contact and that they can manage both your landscape needs during the hot times of year, as well as your snow and ice needs during those colder times of the year. 

After all, you certainly don’t want to be caught off guard in the middle of winter in Greater Chicago. 

As you seek out the best company for you, remember to ask potential service providers a lot of questions so you can properly vet them and their work. This way, you also can best understand every option that’s available to you and get an understanding of how each business works and communicates.

You want to build a partnership for landscaping and snow removal services to ensure you are never surprised or left in the lurch – whether there’s a drought or a snowstorm. 
If you still find yourself having a hard time choosing a landscape and snow and ice management company that will fit your property’s needs best, give KD Landscape a call.

We offer both services in the Greater Chicago area and have experience dealing with many winter extremes, so we can help you navigate this unpredictable season, ensuring your commercial site remains open and safe throughout winter. 
KD Landscape would be happy to discuss some specific ideas that can ensure safety on your commercial site this winter, as well as fit within your budget. Request a proposal today. We’ll review your options together so you can make the best commercial snow removal service choice. 

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