As a Greater Chicago area property manager, you want your commercial property to have curb appeal.
This makes your office park, retail center, industrial facility, or other type of site attractive from the street or sidewalk.

Since you probably don’t look at your site from the street very often, you might not realize that this viewpoint can dramatically boost the perceived value of your facility. In fact, your entryways, parking lots, exterior landscaping, and frontage can positively or negatively impact a potential customer, employee, visitor, guest, or buyer. 

That’s why it’s important to target commercial landscape improvements to these areas so your commercial site gets just what it needs to increase your community visibility and perception. Let’s talk about some ideal value-enhancements for commercial landscaping.

5 Commercial Landscaping Enhancements That Make a Big Difference

Sometimes you need a simple solution that elevates your commercial property. But you might not know where to start. 

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate fairly quickly that can take your facility to new visual heights.

1. Annually Freshen Mulch

Mulch does so much for the trees, shrubs, and plants in your commercial landscape beds. It cools the soil, helping your beds retain moisture, keeps weeds away, and even adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. 

landscape maintenance crew rakes mulch into landscape bed

And freshening up your mulch beds annually can also do a lot for your property’s appearance. This commercial landscape improvement is simple and offers a nearly instant makeover.

2. Add Color to Your Landscape

Every property needs a wow factor, and seasonal color can deliver just that to your Greater Chicago commercial property. 

container gardens with colorful flowers

Adding annual flower rotations is a commercial landscape enhancement that can certainly boost curb appeal. To maximize this, focus on color placement. Target highly visible areas like entrances, near signage, and around outdoor seating areas. 

Then create continued interest each season by changing your annuals to suit the weather and continue beautiful blooms all year long.

3. Pruning & Trimming

Trees and shrubs add value to any commercial property. But dying plants or those with broken branches can make your commercial site look neglected. 

landscape maintenance crew prunes bushes

Pruning as a commercial landscape improvement is the best and simplest way to eliminate dead or dying branches. It can also provide airflow through a tree’s overall structure, boosting its health. And, most importantly, regular pruning increases safety on a commercial property by eliminating the chances of falling branches.

4. Install Trees or Plants

The installation of eye-catching plants can make an immediate visual impact to your Greater Chicago commercial property. 

landscape crew pushes wheelbarrow with tree

Particularly, native trees and plants add interest, texture, and variety to a space – whether that space needs a focal point with some height or plants with long bloom times for some color. They also are easier to maintain, attract pollinators, and are more resistant to pests and diseases. 

This commercial landscape enhancement done right by a commercial professional with an eye for landscape design can also boost your property’s overall curb appeal.

5. Maintain Detention Ponds

When detention ponds are neglected, they can back up and become clogged, which means they no longer do their job. 

This can cause pools of water and even cause water to get into your building and cause damage. 

landscape crew working near detention pond

One key value-enhancement for commercial landscaping is to remember to maintain your detention pond to ensure it works properly and continues serving your property by filtering water and looking great in the process.

To do this, remember to fix and prevent animal damage, clear blockages by removing trash and debris, prevent erosion with shoreline stabilization, and hire a professional who knows how to properly maintain your detention pond.

Work with a Professional For Commercial Landscape Improvements in Greater Chicago

Let’s face it: Your business and your building represent your brand, and your landscape can speak to that with a design that reflects your tone – whether that is soothing or healing, professional, sustainable, modern, or innovative. 

A Greater Chicago commercial landscape professional can bring commercial landscaping enhancements that help people engage more with your business, direct traffic on your site, attract customers, accentuate building architecture, and even conserve energy and water. 

Need help with your commercial curb appeal? Contact KD Landscape today. We’d love to provide you with some simple enhancement ideas that can elevate your property to that next level.

Want a Greater Chicago commercial property that has great curb appeal? Request a proposal today. Together, we can help your grounds look amazing while also providing great areas for function and usability. 

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