Whether you manage a retail center, office park, warehouse, or industrial facility, installing landscape plants can be great ways to improve your professional corporate image and welcome employees, shoppers, visitors, and guests to your site.  

As you pick out plants as part of your commercial landscaping in Greater Chicago, you’ll consider the bloom time and maintenance needs of each species, as well as how the whole space works together. But there’s another key consideration you can’t forget, and that’s where to install plants on a commercial property landscape for the most impact. 

In fact, plant placement on commercial landscapes is a key part of ensuring functional, beautiful outdoor spaces. 

Let’s talk about where to locate plants for commercial landscapes to accentuate your best exterior visuals and up your professional and community appeal.

Plant Placement on Commercial Landscapes

Commercial landscapes are designed to draw people in. People tend to come to your facility for a reason: to work, shop, pick up, drop off, learn, and so many other reasons. 

Creating an inviting atmosphere means adding the right plants to the right places.  

Here are some ideal spots to place plants for commercial landscapes.

1. High-Traffic Areas

When it comes to where to install plants on a commercial property landscape, high-traffic spots are your first targets. 

signage with plantings and flowers

Think about the heaviest trafficked areas – both foot traffic and vehicle traffic. 

These locations typically will include frontages, as well as employee parking lots, and entrances.

2. Barren Areas

As you look around your facility, other spots that can be key areas for commercial property plant installation include barren areas. 

annual flowers near entrance to commercial building

You might have spots leading up to an entrance or near signage, for instance, that are uninteresting or barren. Adding visual triggers via plants can punch up their appearance.

3. Think Beyond Flowers

When you are looking at plant placement on commercial landscapes, you want to be mindful of pairing plants that can compliment and contrast each other tastefully throughout the growing season. 

ornamental grasses and trees in landscape bed

Remember, seasonal color doesn’t always mean flowers. Perennials like sedums, anemone, penstemon, and nepeta all offer plenty of interest through a combination of the flower and foliage. Shrubs like sorbaria, lilac, and viburnum also offer both blooms and foliage interest.

4. Signage

Signage designates your business name and brand, as well as signals to people that they are in the right location. This means they are ideal locations for commercial property plant installation.

flowers and water feature at signage

Target flowers and plants near signs, monuments, and main entry points that lead to the property, as well as any respective buildings.

5. Remember to Layer

Plant placement on commercial landscapes also involves proper layering. 

flowers and planting in large landscape bed

You’re seeking little pockets of height variation, but environmental conditions on your site should drive plant choices. These include light exposure; drainage; moisture levels; and whether the area is near heavily salted sidewalks, streets, or parking lots. This partnering of the right plant with the right place ensures healthier plants and longer life.

Helping You With Plant Placement on Commercial Landscapes in Greater Chicago

Enhancing the plantings on a commercial property has been and will always be a surefire way to elevate the look, perceived value, feel, and overall experience of your facility by tenants, visitors, and passersby.  

A thoughtfully planted site always commands more attention and speaks volumes about the perceived experience someone will have on any given property even before they step foot in the door.    

KD Landscape specializes in plant placement on commercial landscapes, and we’d be happy to help you elevate your facility with the right plants in the right places. Let KD Landscape’s professionals take a look at your site and assess what areas could use a plant boost. 

Want to learn more about how we can help you with your commercial landscaping in Greater Chicago? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can feel confident and make a great choice. 

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