Water can wreak havoc on your Greater Chicago commercial property.

Flooded parking lots and walkways can not only make your guests, tenants, and visitors cringe, but they can also lead to erosion and other property issues. No one wants to deal with building damage or liability claims that can result from water.

To properly direct water’s movement on your site, you need the right solutions. For commercial properties that have hard surfaces like parking lots, rain can fall heavy. It needs somewhere to go so it doesn’t cause flooding. 

Enter the detention pond. Many Greater Chicago commercial properties use detention ponds to help best manage stormwater on their sites. 

But proper detention pond maintenance is important so you don’t have detention pond problems crop up. Let’s review some of the most common issues so you can stay ahead of them and keep your detention pond working for you. 

That’s why many of these types of sites will use detention ponds to collect their stormwater and better manage it on their facilities.

5 Common Detention Pond Problems And Solutions

The goal of your detention pond – no matter its size – is to have it slow a fast water flow to prevent floods and improve the conditions of your paved surfaces. 

Detention pond maintenance is crucial to ensure it is correctly and efficiently managing rainfall on your Greater Chicago commercial landscape. 

And it also ensures you avoid these common detention pond problems.

1. Shoreline Erosion

Shoreline erosion is a common detention pond problem because of wind and water movement, which can be a regular combination in Greater Chicago. 


The best way to mitigate this is with a riprap technique, which is a method of installing a permanent layer of large cobbles, boulders, and angular stones. This acts as a longer term solution for stabilizing and protecting the shoreline against erosion.

2. Turf Deterioration

Erosion is a detention pond problem that can also impact the surrounding plant material, including turf. It can cause unsightly bare areas. 

lawn care expert edges turf near tree

When establishing new or replacement turf, the best practice would be to utilize an erosion control product like a turf reinforcement mat or blanket to help new turf seed germination.

3. Blockages

Since a detention pond creates a moist environment, you must always watch out for invasive weed growth. 

These weeds can block detention pond inlets and outlets, trap debris, and stop proper water flow.

Prevent this detention pond problem with regular weed control, as well as trash and debris removal.

4. Critter Damage

Groundhogs and other animals can disrupt your detention pond inlets and outlets with their regular activity, such as burrowing and building dams. 

The result: erosion and sediment runoff, as well as weakened embankments. 

Check for and fix animal damage by filling in holes and resoiling and reseeding the area through your detention pond maintenance practices.

5. Not Hiring a Professional To Maintain Your Detention Pond

When it comes to detention pond maintenance, being prepared is important. You have to stay ahead of issues so they don’t escalate and become too expensive to fix. 

Hiring a commercial maintenance expert to help you keep your detention pond in working order can ensure nothing gets by a professional eye.

Looking For a Professional to Assist You With Detention Pond Landscaping in Greater Chicago? Call KD Landscape

Some things on your commercial landscape need to be regularly monitored and maintained to ensure they do the jobs they are meant to do on your property. 

A detention pond is one of them. You want to make sure you have a professional involved with experience in detention pond maintenance to ensure proper care and attention. 

If you find you are at a loss on who to talk to about your detention pond, give KD Landscape a call. We can keep your detention pond clean and in proper working order by addressing erosion, overgrowth, debris management, and blockages so you can take this worry off of your plate. 

Want to learn more about how KD Landscape can help you manage the detention pond on your Greater Chicago commercial property? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can feel confident and make a great choice. 

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