A commercial facility is a busy and hectic site, and, as a property manager, you have a lot to do.

The challenge is that your plate is always full, and some things take way too much time. This means efficiency is the name of the game in order for you to get everything done. On top of everything else, keeping up with commercial landscape maintenance in Greater Chicago can feel overwhelming.  

This is where another strategy may help you create a site that can look good while requiring less overall work to take care of. Let’s review some of these low-maintenance landscaping ideas for commercial properties to help you get a better handle on this work at your facility.

6 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties

Low-maintenance commercial landscaping can be a great solution for busy property managers. 

commercial landscape account manager and property manager inspecting a landscape
Plants are a key component to any landscape – commercial facilities included. Any landscape without lots of green and pops of color is pretty dull and dreary.

But there are three things you have to think about first when choosing low-maintenance plants for commercial landscapes.

1. Choose Plants Wisely

One of the best ways to achieve low-maintenance commercial landscaping is to pick the right plants and place them in the right locations. 

Remember to consider site location, sun exposure, soil conditions, water availability, and site traffic when choosing plants. 

commercial landscape raised planting bed with statues and perennials
You also want to look at the specific characteristics of the plants themselves. You don’t want to bring in plants that grow wildly and cover entryways, doors, or windows, needing regular pruning to keep sightlines clear.

2. Consider Snow and Salt When Landscape Planning

In Greater Chicago, you also must think about snow and salt applications and how those may impact your property when considering low-maintenance commercial landscaping.

For instance, there are areas where snow will naturally be piled, as well as areas near walkways and driveways where salt will accumulate. 

Knowing this ahead of time means you can ensure you don’t place sensitive plants or trees near those locations because they may require additional care once the snow and ice melt. Choose hardy plants or locate plants wisely.

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Additionally, using snow fencing on parking lot or driveways edges can help protect plants from negative impacts from salt or snow buildup.

3. Try Evergreens

Planting evergreen trees and shrubs can provide consistent greenery in your commercial landscape. And it’s also a low-maintenance commercial landscaping idea for commercial properties.

The right evergreens add texture and variety – in addition to that consistent color – without requiring a lot of effort and work to keep them looking great. 

conifer tree evergreen closeup

Try boxwoods for reliable backdrops. While you can keep them to 30 inches in height with pruning and shaping, you can also have them be 4 feet in height with less work. Smaller leaf varieties like ‘Northern Charm,’ ‘Green Gem,’ or ‘Chicagoland Green’ are some reliable varieties to try for a low-maintenance and attractive look.  

If you’re looking for more color in your evergreen, try the ‘Fire Chief’ globe arborvitae, which brings orange to red foliage at a 3- to 4-foot height to commercial landscapes.

4. Opt For Long-Lasting Blooms

When you want your commercial landscape maintenance in Greater Chicago to work for you, you want to have flowers that last

This can be another low-maintenance strategy that reduces the work and makes your site look outstanding at the same time.

commercial landscape planting bed with perennials

Hydrangea varieties, for instance, are good options because they have large flower heads that persist all summer long. Hydrangea ‘Annabell’ has white flowers, grows to a 3- to 4-foot height, and is adaptable to both sun and shade, as well as wet conditions. ‘Incrediball’ is a bigger version. ‘Invincibelle Ruby’ does best in full sun and brings some red color to your commercial property.

5. Use Mulch Wisely

Mulch is a great addition to any commercial property and is a natural part of low-maintenance commercial landscaping.

Why? Mulch helps lock in moisture and prevents weeds from growing, meaning there are fewer weeds for you to control and manage. It keeps soil temperatures stable for plants, and makes your property look polished and put together.

6. Add Hardscapes Strategically

Commercial landscape maintenance in Greater Chicago goes beyond all that is green. 

Rocks, stones, and hardscapes are also great ways to add texture and interest, as well as functional spaces that can be extremely low-maintenance. 

landscape construction technicians installing hardscape paver patio and sidewalk

Consider walking paths or meditative and reflective sitting spots; they can create great places for your visitors to use, and also look attractive and need little attention from your grounds maintenance team.

Low-Maintenance Commercial Landscaping Can Look Good And Keep Costs Down

We hope these low-maintenance landscaping ideas for commercial properties can help you create a beautiful and easier to care for commercial site in Greater Chicago.

If you still find you can’t get your maintenance down to a reasonable amount, let KD Landscape help. It can be challenging, but we know Greater Chicago landscapes and how to reduce maintenance so we can make those recommendations that make a big difference on your site.

Want to learn more about how to create a low-maintenance commercial landscape in Greater Chicago? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice.

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