Commercial landscapes in Greater Chicago need a variety of things to look their best and continue drawing in employees, tenants, customers, guests, and visitors. These include well-maintained, green turf; colorful plant materials; thriving and healthy shade trees; functional and attractive hardscapes; and weed-free landscape beds. This drives curb appeal and makes the commercial site attractive. 

Another key component that can be the ultimate finishing touch on a commercial facility is mulch. In fact, mulch for commercial properties is more important than you think. It provides a bevy of benefits to your site. 

Let’s talk about why mulching is important to Greater Chicago commercial properties, so you can better understand all of its benefits.

6 Benefits of Mulching

Your landscape beds can do so much for your Greater Chicago commercial facility. 

Depending on what plant material you include, they can bring color, shade, texture, and variety. It’s amazing the positive impact plant beds can make. 

But what really refines the overall look is mulch around those plants to smooth out the beds and make them pop in an eye-catching, pleasing way. 

Here are the key benefits of mulching so you can understand how mulch impacts your property with not only good looks, but great plant and soil health, too.

1. Mulch Helps Retain Soil Moisture

One of the key benefits of mulch is that it retains water, keeping it on hand for your plants. 

When properly applied, mulch helps conserve moisture in your commercial landscape beds, keeping your trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals healthy.

2. Mulch Gives Your Commercial Property a Professional Touch

Your landscape beds can have old mulch or soil that loses vibrancy and fades with time. 

landscape team rakes mulch into landscape bed

Replacing mulch annually keeps your property looking sharp, boosting mulch’s visual impact, as well as many functional impacts. This is why mulch is important to your commercial business brand and local reputation.

3. Mulch Helps Keep Plant Roots at an Even Temperature

Mulch for commercial properties is also important during drought or hot spells. 

Mulch helps keep your soil temperatures cool, which also evens the temperature around your plant roots.

4. Mulch Breaks Down and Adds Nutrients to the Soil

Add mulch to a commercial property, and you’ll also experience healthier soil down the road. 

landscape maintenance team installs mulch in landscape bed

Organic mulch materials naturally break down and release nutrients into your soil, which keeps it rich and healthy.

5. Mulch Controls Weeds

Weeds are always unsightly, signaling to all that your property is unkempt. Not only that, but weeds steal nutrients away from your desirable plants. 

One of the best benefits of mulch is that it helps prevent weeds from popping up. 

Like your other commercial landscape plants, weeds require sunlight to survive. Mulch helps prevent weeds from receiving sunlight, making it more difficult for them to sprout.

6. Mulch Helps Prevent Erosion

Soil erosion is also a concern on commercial properties. 

commercial maintenance technician blowing

Another benefit of mulch is that it can lessen the amount of soil you lose to the elements. It does this by keeping the soil moist so it can’t easily erode.

Add Mulch To Your Commercial Property With KD Landscape

Without mulch for commercial properties in your landscape beds, you could be suffering from regular weeds and a consistently messy look. 

Let KD Landscape help. We can keep your commercial landscape beds in Greater Chicago looking fresh and receiving the many benefits mulch brings. The end result is a property you’ll be proud of.   

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your commercial landscape? We’d love to share our commercial landscape expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can create a solution that you’ll love.

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