Your Greater Chicago commercial property is a local business that you hope to keep looking polished and professional. Whether it’s an office park, industrial site, warehouse, educational facility, retail space, or health care facility, your commercial site must look great all year long, bringing people in with its clean look and positive brand reputation.

Despite high traffic from visitors, weather changes like snow and ice during Greater Chicago winters, and regular deliveries and interruptions, you want to ensure your site looks attractive. Keeping your property neat and tidy can limit liability issues and ensure smooth traffic flow at a bustling business – not to mention elevate safety on your site.

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There’s a lot to manage when it comes to the landscaping on a large commercial site. But your property manager plate might be full with all of your other responsibilities. You already have a full-time job meeting the expectations of the people you need to impress, whether it’s the employees and owners of an office park, the managers of an industrial facility or the workers and shoppers at a retail center.

Use This Guide to Hire the Right Landscaping Company

Bringing in a commercial grounds maintenance company to help you keep your facility looking professional all year long can do wonders for your business reputation and professionalism. It can even help you attract more business and retain employees, customers, or tenants.

Part of your professional commercial landscape management team is a business development/sales manager who can offer you customized service packages that can make your life easier. A business partnership is crucial because it can save you time and money while helping you meet and exceed the expectations of those who visit your property.

The new business development and sales manager at KD Landscape is Vince Sammartano. Let’s learn more about how Vince helps commercial property managers in the Greater Chicago area.

Our New Business Development/Sales Manager Brings Years of Experience and Skills

Vince has been in the landscape industry since 1988. He has a degree in horticultural science and was also a landscape business owner for 20 years.

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Vince brings extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the green industry to KD Landscape. This experienced guidance helps him make more informed decisions.

In this role, Vince conducts market research to identify potential opportunities for business growth; builds and maintains strong relationships with clients, customers, and partners; builds sales forecasts, tracks sales performance, and keeps track of market trends; and develops and manages the sales budget.

He brings management experience with an ability to lead and motivate team members. He stays abreast of industry developments, integrates new technologies, and implements best practices.

Vince began working with KD Landscape in September 2023.

Communication Skills Are Essential in Commercial Landscape Maintenance

At KD Landscape, we look for strong customer service experience in our team members. They have to be able to communicate with our customers to ask lots of questions about their properties, priorities and preferences. This helps them deliver customized, quality commercial maintenance vs. using a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t serve every client’s specific needs.

The difference between good commercial maintenance and poor quality grounds maintenance is that it truly meets the unique needs of the property manager. Vince brings strong communication skills, understands clients needs, and knows how to exceed their expectations. He also possesses management experience and the ability to lead and motivate team members.

“KD works in a fast-paced environment with a strong emphasis on providing its customers with high quality, custom solution services,” Vince says. “Its team leads the way with strong core values of compassion, accountability, and humbleness."

Contact KD Landscape and Meet Vince Sammartano

Your commercial property is important to you. You want to add curb appeal, value, and also create an impressive, professional Greater Chicago facility that reflects your brand and meets all of your expectations.

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A great commercial landscape company can help create and maintain that kind of space for you.

Commercial landscape maintenance is a people business, so it’s really about the people who work at that company, like Vince. Your landscape professional must be able to sit down with you and hear your thoughts and ideas in order to deliver a plan that meets – and even exceeds – your goals.

Vince comprehends this well. “Our teams welcome any opportunity to sit down with you and your team to discuss how we build a custom solution for your land or snow needs along with discussing our company and team member history,” he says. “KD has provided me with a fresh perspective and energy about the landscape industry that is lacking in a lot of the industry in recent years. We are constantly looking at how we can improve customer satisfaction and educate our team about industry best practices.”

You want to work with a company that takes you and your needs seriously, so you are confident in the end result. You want a detail-oriented company like KD Landscape that takes time to constantly improve its customer service and landscape maintenance best practices.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can elevate your Greater Chicago commercial landscape into a more professional space? We’d love to share our expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you.

Guide to Hiring the Right Commercial Landscaping Company

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