Being a part of a great team is a rewarding experience.

As part of a team that works well together, you can embrace a special feeling of working on a similar goal, sharing in the journey and achievements along the way.

Many times, teams can outweigh the performance of individuals, which is what makes them so amazing. But to have that winning team, you need the right members.

Some skill sets naturally gel well with others and create a great atmosphere in which to work. For our team members at KD Landscape, we have some traits and skills we admire and look for in people who work with us.

Let’s look at those top characteristics that drive landscape careers at KD Landscape.

5 Top Skills of KD Landscape Team Members

We’re so proud of our team at KD Landscape for the work they do in Greater Chicago landscapes everyday.

And when we find they have these specific traits, we find they fit into our team very well.

1. They Are Committed to Mastery

When people become content, they let their skills stagnate, never fulfilling their potential as strong team members in an organization.

landscape team installs stone steps

But great team players make time in their schedule for refining their talents and adding new skills to their repertoires.

It’s the desire to learn and grow that is the desirable trait of a landscape professional – not necessarily walking into the job with experience. Because KD Landscape provides regular and consistent training, that willingness to learn is a characteristic we seek in employees because we can continue to teach them and help them grow.

2. Knowledge of Carpentry and Masonry

In today’s workplace, employees rarely have the chance to focus on one project at a time. They must juggle.

landscape team install walkway

The capability to multitask is a common trait in landscape workers we admire. Knowing carpentry and masonry in addition to traditional landscape tasks, for instance, means they can be skilled in working on hardscape teams as well as landscape installation or maintenance teams. This makes them invaluable employees that can adapt and help where needed.

3. Safety Awareness

Because landscape careers involve equipment and tools, safety is important to remember every single day.

aerial photo of skid loader lifting stone to be installed on walkway

Having that safety awareness is a crucial skillset of our employees at KD Landscape. This keeps all of our team members safe and ensures they have a respect for each other that makes them a stronger team overall.

4. Embracing Best Management Practices

Paying close attention to details is an important trait in landscape employees.

landscape team installs plants along walkway

Understanding the details of best management practices in everything from how to properly install a patio to building a retaining wall base means the work will be done right the first time and create that long-lasting, enjoyable space for our Greater Chicago customers.

Detail-oriented professionals are also great problem solvers, suggesting creative solutions when creating amazing landscapes.

5. Love of Plant and Tree Care

Technical competency makes an employee a valuable asset to our team. Learning about plants and how to care for them is a key part of keeping our landscapes looking great and growing strong.

landscape maintenance team trims shrubs

Team members who love the outdoors are reliable because they have a passion for plants and plant care.

Do You Have Some of These Valuable Traits and Skills?

While every company will have different favorite qualities of their team members, at KD landscape, these are our favorites.

We are always looking for quality talent – those people who can be collaborative, committed, and flexible, as well as bring a positive attitude to their work.

This is what makes a great team – one that brings adventure to every day’s tasks and to-dos.

If you are looking for an opportunity to work outside and build and maintain Greater Chicago landscapes, we’d love to learn more about you. Give KD Landscape a call. We’d be happy to share our many opportunities at KD Landscape and see if you have some of these traits to mesh with our team.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can provide you with a great career in Greater Chicago? We’d love to learn more about you. Check out our employment opportunities today.