When you approach your house after being gone for the day, you want to come home to a vision. You want to be proud of your landscape and your home’s facade.

When other people pass your home, you want your curb appeal to give your house a chance to shine in your Suburban Chicago neighborhood.

No matter whether it’s night or day, you want a landscape that looks good. And that’s where landscape lighting can take your frontage from plain to powerful with the right design scheme.

Let’s review some outdoor lighting for the front of your house to give you some ways to improve the front-facing portion of your home and landscape.

4 Front Yard Landscape Lighting Ideas

While you love spending time in your backyard, you can’t neglect your front yard. It’s what gives your home curb appeal and value.

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Landscape lighting can enhance your front yard, bringing ambiance, appeal, and boosting safety.

Try these landscape lighting ideas for the front of your house to get a look you love and the security and value boost that comes with it.

1. Light Front Walkways and Entryways

Lighting your walkway and entryway not only gives your home light so people can see the beautiful way into your house, but it also ensures safe passage for you or any visitor coming into your abode.

landscape lights lining walkway with plantings

Outdoor lighting for the front of your house brings warmth and welcomes you home, as well as others in.

When lighting your front walkway, you don't want to create a runway effect or throw light in your face or your guests’ and neighbors’ faces. You’re trying to use light in a staggered pattern to create a balanced navigational aid.

2. Accentuate Front Yard Focal Points

Your front yard may have a grand water feature or fountain or possibly a sculpture that is special to you. The stonework on the facade of your home may be unique or maybe you have a large tree with twisting branches in front that graces your landscape with shade and intrigue.

landscape lighting around front of home with trees

These architectural elements or landscape features are key areas for landscape lighting for front yards. Enhancing them with accent lighting gives them fresh faces during evening hours, ensuring your home gets extended curb appeal and unique appeal.

3. Moon Lighting

When you consider front yard landscape lighting ideas, you might see things like a spotlight and think they can bring a big swath of light to your home in one fixture.

However, this type of light is harsh and glaring. It can not only disturb your neighbors, but it can shine intense light into your home at night too, disrupting your evenings at home.

landscape lighting in backyard with trees and pavilion

A better option for a soft glow is to try moonlighting. With this type of lighting, you place lights high in front yard trees or structures to cast light down in a soft way that is reminiscent of the silvery glow of the moon. This type of lighting can enhance the natural beauty of your home and landscape without a blinding effect.

4. Uplighting

Just as moonlighting casts a glow down, you can use another lighting effect to shine light upwards as a way to highlight a special architectural feature of your house or a statue or tree in your front yard. This landscape lighting for front yards is called uplighting. It’s a great way to create some drama and impact.

trees with uplighting in backyard

These lights are installed at the ground level and can even add silhouettes or shadows to add some additional dimension to your home’s facade.

Ready to Embrace Outdoor Lighting For the Front of Your House in Chicagoland?

You’ve polished up the interior of your Greater Chicago home, and you’ve also invested in your front landscape so your home shines inside and out.

When the days get shorter, you lose the light and your home fades into the darkness.

Landscaping lighting installation in the Greater Chicago area can change all that – illuminating your home during twilight and evening hours and giving it new life and attention.

As you consider ways to elevate your home facade and boost curb appeal, you may be looking for landscape lighting ideas that will do the trick. But finding the right strategies to get this done right can be confusing. Your local hardware stores sell quite a few products that may not do the job correctly or may have no lasting power, fading fairly quickly after they’re installed. This just wastes your money and time.

To create a truly high-end, long-lasting look, give KD Landscape a call. We can talk you through some options and show you some examples of what an elevated and professional landscape lighting approach to your front yard can look like so you are comfortable with your options and confident in the design.

All that’s left is for you to enjoy your enhancing front yard – from morning until night.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can help you feel an enhanced, elevated, safer, and more welcoming front home landscape in Greater Chicago? We’d love to share our landscaping lighting design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you.

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