It finally happened: you have the residential landscape of your dreams.

You enjoy your pathways regularly, walking from lush garden of floral colors to the wonderfully scented herb garden right near your outdoor kitchen. Snipping rosemary and thyme for your next barbecue is a daily habit.

You take a dip in your pool and then enjoy the sun on your surrounding patio. You’re soaking in vitamin D, while listening to the birds in your landscape.

You sink your toes into your thick, green lawn as you take a stroll around your yard.

You cozy up to your fire pit in the evenings letting the glowing embers and fire’s warmth put you in a meditative trance.

You’re home. You feel like you’ve traveled miles away to an outdoor spa, but you’re home.

Then the sun goes down. Except for your fire pit area, it’s actually pretty dark.

And you long to see the varying pastel shades of your intricate bluestone patio or the leaf texture of your favorite shrubs and perennials. You want to see where you’re going as you meander down your garden pathways. And you crave more time hanging out in your favorite deck or patio nooks.

Enter residential landscape lighting.

Your family room isn’t the only place where you can spend quality time with family and friends. Extend that living space outside for longer hours with landscape lighting services. Your outdoor living spaces are perfect areas for having meals, entertaining guests, spending time with family, or just lingering in your favorite places beyond daylight hours. Landscape lighting can add the just right amount of glow and mood for these moments.

Let’s illuminate some of lighting’s best benefits. (See what we did there.)

walkway lighting

Landscape Lighting Adds Ambiance

Landscape lighting design and installation done right adds beauty, curb appeal, and value. The National Association of Home Builders says nearly 50% of potential home buyers rate outdoor lighting as a desirable quality for their desired houses.

By strategically placing outdoor lighting throughout your yard, we can highlight many of the features of your yard that you love. Guide people to your front door over paths and walkways. Show off special features in your landscape. Illuminate water features like fountains or ponds. Spotlight special trees. Use downlighting or moonlighting to softly trickle light over your space like it’s being kissed by moon beams.

Make a romantic moment softer, a sincere moment more tender, or highlight a happy moment. There’s not much lighting can’t do.

entry lighting

Lighting Enhances Safety & Security

Sure, outdoor lighting is beautiful; there’s no mistaking that. But did you know it’s also an excellent way to make your home a safer place for you and your guests, averting accidents and deterring crime.

Prevent injuries like falls and twisted ankles with guiding lights in high traffic areas. Ensure family members and guests can easily access entryways at any time of day.

You can even brighten dark nooks. A well-maintained and well-lit landscape shows people your home is cared for, discouraging trespassing and theft. This can be particularly helpful when you’re on vacation if you set your lights on timers.

Let’s Talk About Landscape Lighting

To plan your outdoor lighting, we take a walk around your yard, as you share with us how you envision using the space. Landscape lighting services work best when they adequately suit your needs. The right combination of fixtures and layout create a coordinating, well-lit outdoor space you can enjoy long after dark. But you just have to tell us how you want to use the space, and we can handle the details and heavy lifting.

We combine various types of light to bring an overall feeling to your home landscape. Overall lighting, task lighting like illuminating pathways or steps, accent lighting, and up and down lighting all go together to achieve a symbiotic look. Lighting can also highlight an interesting landscape structure like a pergola or pavilion, landscape containers or plants, as well as walls to bring out interesting highlights and shadows.

Want to see the light in your Greater Chicago area landscape? Get out of the dark and give us a call.

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