Landscape lighting can certainly elevate your entire landscape as it changes its daytime look into an elegant nighttime one that has unique shadows and dimensions.

And on top of elevating your visual appeal, lighting also extends your hours of enjoyment. What’s not to love about that?

If you don’t have landscape lighting currently and are interested in adding it to your Chicagoland landscape, you might be wondering what you can do to get the best lighting design for your site. And that means hiring the right company to do the job.

Let’s look at some key things you need to look for in choosing a landscaping lighting company so you can make the right choice and feel confident in the end result.

How To Choose a Landscape Lighting Company

When you picture an ideal landscape lighting design in your landscape, you probably picture something pretty magical.

A patio that comes to a second life as the sun sets, a walkway that gently illuminates so passersby can see where you’re going, and trees that become nighttime sculptures.

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You certainly don’t want lights pointing into your face as you walk by or patches of pitch black and uneven light.

To make the project worth your time, you want a landscape lighting company in Naperville, IL that will take the time to design a lighting scheme that works for your space, looks great, and is functional and long lasting.

Here are some tips for choosing the right partner to ensure you get your vision.

1. Pick a Designer That Cares About Your Needs

When it comes to something like landscape lighting, your personal style will certainly factor into the picture.

landscape lighting with outdoor kitchen and pavilion

Whether you’re contemporary and modern with sleek, smooth lines or you prefer natural, earthy looks or you like something traditional or that’s reminiscent of an English garden, these things will come into play when choosing what accents to highlight the types of fixtures that would do the best job.

You want to choose a landscape lighting company that is asking you these questions about how you use the space and what your style is to ensure the end result matches your vision.

2. Choose a Landscape Lighting Company That Knows About Lighting Design

Throwing down a landscape lighting kit and lighting up a few fixtures is not landscape lighting design.

bluestone patio with outdoor kitchen pavilion and landscape lighting

In fact, in a great lighting design, you should never really see the fixtures first. Each light and its purpose are more important.

The right design will have a more intricate system with the right types and mixes of lights that create moonlit areas and other effects, while also enhancing safety and visibility.

3. Electrical Knowledge And Professional Fixtures Are Important

You want to choose a landscape lighting company that doesn’t just buy a kit and install it in your yard.

You want someone who shows you a variety of fixtures and puts together a whole design and lighting scheme unique to your yard.

paver walkway to entrance of home lit with landscape lighting

That means the fixtures will be designed for effective, reliable, long-term wear-and-tear. While they may be a bit more expensive initially, they will last through the Chicago area’s tough winters and save you on energy costs while continuing to deliver the same reliable streams of light year after year.

Also, the way a system is installed will make a big difference. You need a professional who understands electrical work since wiring is a very important and crucial part of a landscape lighting system. The outdoor wiring has to stand up to fluctuations in temperatures, humidity, rain, and possible insect or animal activity. The company for you will use thicker wire so electricity flows properly and it can stand up to these elements.

4. Your Landscape Lighting Pro Should Have a Portfolio

A key way to know if you’re working with an outdoor lighting company that has experience in high-end landscape lighting work is their portfolio of finished projects.

paver patio with plantings and landscape lighting

They should be able to share photos of their work and reviews so you can gain an understanding of their skill level and how they are to work with.

We Could Be Your Landscape Lighting Company in Naperville, IL

As you review these key considerations for choosing a landscape lighting company, you want to make sure you assess all your needs and that your potential designer is checking off all your boxes.

As you review companies, we’d love for you to consider KD Landscape in your choices. We have experts who design and install high-end landscape lighting projects regularly for Naperville, IL residents. And we can give your landscape a unique and exciting evening look that will add to your outdoor joy and entertainment.

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