Not much creates a more striking and stunning focal point in your Greater Chicago backyard than an outdoor fireplace.

Whether it’s the warmth and ambiance from the flickering flames or the gathering place it creates for conversation and hanging out with family and friends, you can’t deny the boost this type of feature provides in your space.

As you explore options for including a fireplace in your landscape design, you might be considering the differences between an outdoor fireplace kit vs. a custom built fireplace.

Let’s look at some of the important details involved in backyard fireplace design and installation in the Greater Chicago area to help you make the best decision.

DIY Outdoor Fireplace Kit Vs. Custom Outdoor Fireplace

While an outdoor fireplace is a truly magical addition to your backyard, you don’t want to worry about suffering safety issues if it’s not working properly.

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Here are some of the things to consider when deciding between prefab outdoor fireplace kits and professional outdoor fireplace installation in Greater Chicago.

Understand Local Outdoor Fireplace Codes

Every Greater Chicago municipality has rules that dictate where outdoor fireplaces can be located in relation to houses on a property. And depending on your specific location, these rules can vary.

outdoor fireplace under pavilion

While some cities say outdoor fireplaces can be located 10 to 12 feet from a home, others may dictate 25 or more feet of separation.

When you install a DIY outdoor fireplace kit yourself, you have to make sure you’re adhering to local ordinances or codes, as well as obtaining the proper permits. But if you opt for a professional outdoor fireplace installation, your landscape professional can check your local codes first before starting your fireplace design to ensure your desired location and options are OK.

Consider Outdoor Fireplace Location Carefully

There are many things you have to think about when it comes to outdoor fireplace location.

Weather conditions, such as sun and wind exposure are important, as well as nearby trees, property lines, home setting, and necessary space needed around your fireplace. For instance, you may want room for chairs or furniture to allow you and your guests to sit and feel the warmth. You may even want an expansive patio to ensure maximum enjoyment.

You also have to think about how you want to use your outdoor fireplace. Based on code considerations, you may want it located closer to your home for easy access, for example, or maybe you’d prefer a cozy nook further away for romantic evenings.

You also have to consider smoke direction and sightlines so your view of your fire feature isn’t blocked, as well as other nearby views.

When you install your own prefab outdoor fireplace kit, you must research these location decisions yourself, but a professional could give you guidance on design and installation related to location to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

Think About Fireplace Style and Materials

When determining your outdoor fireplace needs, there are a lot of great materials you can use to ensure the design coordinates with your Greater Chicago home and landscape.

family sits around fireplace

While some materials may look good, they must hold up to withstand the hot temperatures fire creates, ensuring the fireplace lasts a long time in your landscape. For instance, there are heat-safe stones, bricks, and concrete that hold up to the expansion and contraction of heating and cooling. If you use the wrong materials, you could end up with cracks or other damage that could degrade your fireplace.

This is where a professional outdoor fireplace installation in Greater Chicago can ensure high-end materials for a lifetime of ambiance and warmth.

Your Outdoor Fireplace Base Matters

The concrete base to hold a custom outdoor fireplace must have a proper subgrade. This is crucial because fireplaces are heavy, so their chances of setting or shifting are high.

aerial view of fireplace patio and outdoor kitchen

This is why even when installing a kit, a professional hand in installation is essential to maximize safety.

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Prefab outdoor fireplace kits can make it seem like fireplace design and installation is easy.

But you should never underestimate what goes into this process. You want a long-lasting, high-end, outdoor fireplace that gives you a great place for entertaining and enjoying time in your backyard. You don’t want something that is a costly hassle that you can’t use.

We know it can seem confusing as you plan your backyard oasis. Let’s KD Landscape help. Our experts can answer your questions and provide the best solutions for your Greater Chicago yard so you get the final result that suits you best.

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