Summertime in Greater Chicago means more time spent outdoors.

And though the days are longer, you likely want to linger out there past sunset when the weather brings those warm evenings that you can’t get enough of, staring at the stars and chatting with family and friends.

But it’d be nice if you could have some ambiance, a little light, and maybe even a touch of warmth.

Enter the outdoor fireplace. This landscape element can bring the perfect addition to your backyard, bringing dancing light, a cozy gathering area, and an entertainment nook all at the same time.

Fireplaces not only add light and heat, but they are also natural settings for get-togethers or evenings with family. They can even be the main dessert spot if you’ve got enough marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate handy for s’mores.

As you dream up your perfect outdoor fireplace setup, you might be wondering about the cost of an outdoor fireplace. Let’s look at some of the factors that influence this price tag, so you can budget accordingly.

What Is the Cost to Build an Outdoor Fireplace?

It’s no doubt that an outdoor fireplace is a great backyard feature that can add years of enjoyment to your home, expanding your outdoor living space and creating that welcoming atmosphere.

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While it’s incredibly desirable, you also want to know all of your outdoor fireplace costs to ensure you meet all your needs while planning. Consider these three key factors as you proceed.

1. Basic Vs. Extras

An outdoor fireplace is a more extravagant, detailed landscape structure in your Chicagoland backyard. It can be a simple vertical structure or one that rises up like a massive work of art.

This is why the cost to build an outdoor fireplace can start at $15,000 and go all the way up to $50,000-plus.

aerial view of outdoor fireplace on patio with outdoor kitchen and seating area

Some of the choices you make that can increase the price include the material – intricate and excessive stonework will take more material and labor to construct, a see-through component so you can view the fire from two locations, elegant wood storage, outdoor TV mounting capabilities, and surrounding or extensive stone or brick work.

2. Gas Vs. Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

The type of fuel you choose for your fire feature can impact outdoor fireplace costs as well.

A wood-burning option offers that crackling, traditional fireplace scene you’ve come to expect. You can cook over the flames and feed the fire, watching it sparkle.

But a wood-burning fireplace has its drawbacks, too. You need to chop and store firewood and clean up ash and debris regularly.

outdoor fireplace with seating and outdoor kitchen

Overall, a wood-burning outdoor fireplace will be cheaper than the more popular option, which is a gas-burning fireplace.

A gas-burning fireplace will add roughly $4,000 or more to your costs, but it adds convenience and cleanliness to the scene. You don’t have to work for your fire; you just turn on the gas, press a button and flames appear.

The reason this adds to your outdoor fireplace costs is because you must use a special pipe fitting to connect the fireplace to a gas line, which requires a licensed plumber.

3. Fireplace Vs. Fire Pit

As you’re contemplating an outdoor fireplace, you might see how the costs can add up.

firepit on patio with seating

To save on the cost of an outdoor fireplace, you might try an outdoor fire pit, which ranges in cost from $3,500 for a simple modular brick design that burns wood to more than $7,500 for a gas-powered fire pit.

You just have to ask yourself which feature makes more sense for you. For a fire pit, you typically circle around it with your guests, so that requires some space. And with a fireplace, you usually sit in front of it and it can act as its own landscape element and even provide some privacy.

Don’t Let The Cost of An Outdoor Fireplace Stop You From Your Backyard Chicagoland Dreams

Now that you know how much an outdoor fireplace costs, you are probably dreaming up what it will be like to walk out your back door and experience that glowing ambiance in your own space.

The costs can be confusing, depending on what kind of space you have and what you truly need and want for your backyard.

If you live in the Greater Chicago area and find yourself confused, give KD Landscape a call. Our experts can assess your space and listen to your ideas and desires, helping you come up with the best design and plan for a fire feature that will last.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can give you the fireplace you’ve been dreaming of for your Chicagoland backyard? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can add warmth, light, and ambiance to your backyard at a price that suits you best.

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