Spending time outdoors in the Greater Chicago area can’t be beat. The sun is shining. The wind is light and variable. The day couldn’t be better.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t deliver perfect conditions every day. She brings the rain and the clouds and all the extremes. And she doesn’t even apologize.

But did you know the right outdoor living structures can help enhance your time outside. In fact, a landscape structure like a pergola is the perfect defense against Mother Nature’s mood swings.

As you think about erecting this landscape element in your yard, you might be wondering what kind of benefits it offers and where the best place for it is.

Let’s talk about some pergola perks and where to put a pergola in your landscape.

Pergola Placement and Perks

Pergolas do more than protect you from the elements.

Pergolas are structures with open roofs, giving you the illusion of a ceiling with layered beams above. And they offer a slew of benefits that can make them one of the most beloved additions to your yard.

The perks can almost make you think the best place to put a pergola is anywhere.

Let’s dive in.

1. A Backyard Shade Solution

The best place to put a pergola is where you need shade.

On those particularly hot and sunny days, a little shade is always welcome. Many folks want flowering vines planted to grow up and over their pergolas to bring a soft element to the landscape structure, adding color, as well as additional shade.

Pergola that provides shade in backyard

If your home faces east, the sun will be beating down on your backyard all the way through sunset, which is when you might be out there enjoying it most while cooking dinner on the grill or hanging out on the patio. For that reason, placing your pergola in that spot where you hang out the most in your backyard can give you the perfect place to beat the summer heat.

2. Break Up a Big Backyard

If you have a long and deep backyard, you might be more exposed to the weather when you’re out there. You also might need a way to break up the space and create areas for relaxing and dining that keep you out of range of the kids’ soccer practice field space.

pergola on patio in large backyard with outdoor kitchen and seating area

The right pergola placement can add height and a focus area or destination spot for backyard get-togethers.

3. Better Enjoy a View

If your landscape has the benefit of a view – maybe a gorgeous lake or a nature preserve, then situating your pergola to best enjoy it would be the right spot for your pergola.

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The pergola might frame the view as you enter it, and you’ll want to situate the pergola so you don’t block your view; you want to take full advantage of the nature around you.

4. Have An Ideal Place to Eat

Pergolas are natural with outdoor patio sets and dining tables and chairs. In fact, placing a pergola in a spot where you’d like to enjoy meals is another great pergola placement idea.

pergola over table to provide shade in backyard

Not only can this frame your dining experience, but it can also make a la carte dining more enjoyable since the pergola will help block wind and create shade.

5. Add a Visual Element to Your Garden

The pergola by itself is a beautiful landscape structure – almost like a sculpture. So you might want to include it in a garden area to create a small sitting area so you can better enjoy the space.

pergola surrounded by gardens

The flowering vines you add to your pergola can blend well with your garden as well.

This creates the perfect area for stress relief and relaxation.
You can also get creative with the materials you choose for your pergola to match your home – maybe adding stone as a base, for instance.

6. Anchor a Fire Feature or Water Feature

When you have a fire feature or water feature, it becomes a hot spot in your yard.

Everyone wants to hang out by it. This makes these areas some of the best places to put a pergola.

A pergola can anchor the space and create the ideal place to enjoy these features more.

7. Gain Privacy With a Pergola

While a pergola starts with open walls, you can increase privacy by adding landscape beds with a nice mix of evergreen trees and shrubs that add great color and some seclusion from your neighbors.

Pergola with outdoor kitchen and seating area providing privacy

You can maximize this pergola placement by adding curtains that coordinate with your patio set and create that restful retreat when you don’t feel like starting up conversations.

Find a Landscape Professional With Pergola Expertise

A pergola is one of those structures that creates instant enjoyment. But it also needs to be designed and installed properly to ideally do its job.

As you’re deciding where to put a pergola, do your research and make sure to find the right landscape design partner to help. A pergola that is truly unique to you shouldn’t come from a kit; it should be designed specifically for your needs and functions.

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