We can all appreciate a nice breeze once in a while. 

A soft wind can feel lovely while you’re sitting outside in your Chicago home landscape on a hot and sunny day. But strong gusts or steady, blowing high winds can not only be a nuisance, but they can also cause a bit of damage.

Chicago may be known as “The Windy City,” but it’s not the windiest. With an average wind speed of 10.3 miles per hour, it ranks as the 12th windiest in the country. But it's still quite windy. And if you want to relax in your backyard without feeling like you’re being blown down in the process, you might be searching for how to landscape a windy area. 

Let’s talk about ways to wind-proof your landscaping in Chicagoland so you can enjoy it.

7 Ideas For Backyard Landscaping For Windy Areas

Sitting in your suburban Chicago backyard enjoying a nice day can be such a great experience … as long as you don’t get blown away by the wind. 

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These 7 creative landscaping ideas for a windy backyard can give you clever and attractive ways to beat the breeze.

1. Living Windbreak

Living windbreaks made up of evergreen and/or deciduous trees and shrubs capable of handling strong winds can bring both natural beauty and block the wind in your backyard. 

pavilion with plantings near patio

Some favorite plants we enjoy for landscaping for windy areas include:

  • Arborvitae
  • Norway Spruce
  • Black Hill Spruce
  • Viburnum 
  • Lilac Varieties
  • Columnar Hornbeams

2. Tiered Plantings

If you don’t want to create one level of windbreak, you can plant gardens in tiered layers for something beautiful to look at as well as be part of how you landscape a windy area.
The basic idea is to start with a taller layer of trees or tall shrubs that border a section of your property. Then, incorporate medium-sized shrubs in front of those, followed by dwarf plantings and perennials. This multi-tiered concept can bring varying colors and textures to your Greater Chicago backyard.

3. Pergolas

You can create intimate spaces and landscape a windy area with a pergola. A pergola enables you to gain privacy and improve your view, while breaking the wind. 

pergola with outdoor kitchen area surrounded by trees

Filling the sides and top of your pergola with vines can also bring serenity in the form of floral color and a lovely aroma.

4. Pavilions

Like a pergola, a pavilion is an outdoor room with a ceiling that protects you from rain and wind. 

pavilion with outdoor fireplace and kitchen

You can block wind with plantings on one side. This is a way to landscape a windy area that gives you multiple options.

5. Outdoor Fire Features

Not only is a fire feature a much sought-after garden addition, but it can offer some wind protection, too. 

family sits around large outdoor fireplace

By building the hearth and chimney into an expansive stone wall, you define your Greater Chicago outdoor living space and create a focal point for landscaping for windy areas.

6. Cedar Fencing

Cedar paneling, a modern partial fencing option, can shield a section of your backyard from winds while providing your yard with a textured and natural looking backdrop. 

backyard with patio and cedar fencing

It can become a way to landscape a windy area and add an attention-grabbing focal point to your backyard.

7. Custom Creations

When you want landscaping for windy areas, there are many custom ideas KD Landscape can create based on your needs and unique space challenges. 

When you want wind protection and a gorgeous oasis to relax in, there’s really no limit to what you can do to create this kind of soothing sanctuary.

Ready to Add Some Wind Protection to Your Space?

Whether you’re looking for a pergola to relax under while enjoying dinner outdoors or you want to sit in your pool behind a lush screen of trees, the wind doesn’t have to ruin your fun. 

If you have a wide open backyard, it might be hard to visualize how to landscape a windy area. Let KD Landscape help. 

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We have years of experience in creating backyards in the Greater Chicago area. We can review your needs and overall goals and wind concerns and provide you with a wealth of ideas to make your backyard the space you’ve always wanted. 

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your suburban Chicago backyard into a more wind-proof space? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that brings you the ultimate backyard retreat. 

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