You love your home and your landscape. You put a lot of time and energy into keeping it nice. You mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and make enhancements. You spend hours outside enjoying your yard -- whether you’re chilling on the patio, grilling dinner in your outdoor kitchen, or soaking in a summer day.

What’s your only problem? Everything fades into darkness when the sun sets. And during certain times of year, it seems like the daylight can disappear so much sooner than you’d like.

Professionally installed landscape lighting can enhance the nighttime attractiveness of your home and landscape in the suburban Chicago area.

Let’s look at the advantages of landscape lighting, and how it might give your home and landscape just the boost it needs.

4 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of those upgrades that can do so much with so little.

landscape lighting with grill area and seating area

Just some strategically placed lights following a great design can add the right special touches, as well as make your yard safer and more usable. Who couldn’t use those benefits?

The advantages of landscape lighting go beyond just illumination.

1. Increase Visibility

One of the benefits of outdoor lighting is that it can get you, your family, and your visitors from place to place safely.

walkway with landscape lighting and planting

When sunlight is limited, path lighting can be the best navigation tool to move people along paths and not off into the grass or beds, dragging dirt around and potentially squashing one of your favorite plants.

The right path lighting design is subtle, creating balanced light at just the right spots along your walkways.

2. Enhance Curb Appeal With Landscape Lighting

One of the most common advantages of landscape lighting in Naperville and Elmhurst, IL is that it boosts the overall look of your home and landscape.

landscape lighting near front entry of home and walkway

Without light, you can’t see many features of your home or landscape. It can almost blend in with the dark. An illuminated home, on the other hand, has elegantly enhanced architectural and landscape features.

This greatly increases the curb appeal of your home as one of the stand-outs on the block.

3. Increase Safety & Security

You might add landscape lighting at first because of the beauty and curb appeal it adds to your home.

landscape lighting around perimeter of property

But you realize soon afterward that a big benefit of landscape lighting is the elevated security it gives you. Lighting ensures you don’t come home after work to a pitch dark doorway. It also discourages unwelcome intruders and decreases the chances that you or family members will trip and fall on their way in or out of your home.

The bonus: Lighting for safety doesn’t have to be harsh to be effective.

4. Extend the Use of Your Outdoor Living Area

You put in that patio and outdoor kitchen so you could use it. You’re not going to let a little sunset stop you, right?

Landscape lighting can ensure you get continued enjoyment from your favorite exterior nooks.

landscape lighting along pathway stairs and under pavilion

Not only can you use these areas more, but you will be able to see what you’re doing -- whether you’re cooking, dining, playing games, or just lounging -- and feel safe while you’re out there.

friends eat at patio table outside with landscape lighting

Not only does this extend your days, but it can also extend your seasons by adding more light and beauty to majestic fall leaves or fresh snowfall.

Ready for All the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting?

You’ve done your best to make your home and yard look like it has come from the pages of a magazine. But you don’t want those great attributes to fade away with the sun.

The advantages of landscape lighting in and around Naperville and Elmurst, IL are many. Put your favorite landscape areas on display and get out of the dark.

Not sure where to start when it comes to lighting up your landscape? Let KD Landscape help. We have professionals on our team who can design and install high-end landscape lighting in Greater Chicago area yards, adding that elevated elegance you’re after.

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