Everyone likes a little color in their lives. This is especially true with landscapes in commercial settings.

Amazing blooms bursting with bountiful, bright, bold hues add visual appeal and intrigue to your Greater Chicago office park, retail center, industrial property, warehouse or other commercial site.
Well-planned commercial landscaping will include a great mix of perennials, trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses that add solid base colors and textures to your landscape. But you might be looking for that extra boost of brilliant shades throughout the year. That’s where a commercial landscape with flowers can come into play.

These fetching vistas usually include seasonal color and flower installations to add spring awakenings, summer color pops, fall intrigue and winter warmth. 

Not sure about the power of seasonal color or how you can make this continuous color a part of your commercial landscape? It’s OK. We’ve got you covered. 

Let’s talk about the many benefits of commercial landscape enhancements and ways you can bring year-round hues and textures to your site.

What is Seasonal Color for Commercial Spaces?

You may hear the term seasonal color and not know what it means.  

colorful annual flowers in a raised planter pot near commercial building

Commercial landscapes with flowers include annual flowers that are changed throughout the seasons to provide high-impact color and fullness in a short amount of time. This is how the seasonal color enhancement can bring flowers to your space on a regular basis.

6 Benefits of Commercial Landscapes With Flowers

There are many significant health and well-being benefits that come from emphasizing the natural progression of the seasons with commercial landscaping plants. 

Seasonal flowers are the best way to take your commercial landscape design from bland to grand

Consider these many benefits that seasonal color can bring.

1. Seasonal Color Adds a Commercial Curb Appeal Boost

Commercial landscaping plants provide instant curb appeal to your retail, office, industrial or other type of commercial space. 

planting bed with perennials and trees near commercial courtyard

Pops of complementary color create an attractive look. A building and property without some color can seem pretty drab. Adding sunny shades and beautiful blooms can convey a more pleasing aesthetic.

2. Seasonal Color Improves Commercial Property Value

Commercial landscapes with flowers improve a property’s appearance almost immediately, increasing that property’s value.

The ROI is impressive. According to a University of Washington report, commercial properties with well-maintained landscapes can bring in 7 percent more in rental revenue. Also, customers are willing to spend 12 percent more in establishments with professional landscaping. Resale value of a commercial property with nice landscaping can increase by as much as 14 percent.

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3. Seasonal Color Can Boost Joy & Create a Positive Reputation

Commercial landscapes with flowers boost not only your commercial property value and curb appeal, but also mood. 

The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions. Feelings of happiness and positivity for those who visit, work, and stop in at your site will elevate through the dopamine release that happens every single time they look at your flowers, which is often several times a day.

perennial flowers at commercial landscape with employees

This positive impact on your emotional health promotes happiness, calmness, well-being, and a sense of ease. As you celebrate the seasons, you experience a decrease in stress and an increase in feelings of contentment.

4. Seasonal Color Brings Welcome Brightness

Commercial landscaping plants that are brightly colored bring those welcome variations and color splashes that everyone needs as seasons change. This is especially true after a long winter in Greater Chicago. They also help people on your site celebrate the changing seasons.

annual flowers in raised planter at a commercial landscape

And not only do bright flowers bring gorgeous views for you, they also attract insects for pollination.

5. Seasonal Color Can Soften Harsh Architectural Lines

Plants are used in landscapes to soften the hard edges of commercial buildings and hardscapes. 

Commercial landscaping plants do this by drawing the eye away from hard edges and toward bold blooms.

6. Commercial Landscaping Plants Have a Positive Impact on the Environment

Seasonal blooms, as well as other trees, shrubs and plants, have a positive impact on the environment by producing oxygen, filtering the air people breathe and helping to control soil erosion.

planting beds, perennials and trees near commercial landscape

Colorful flowers also promote a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity that nourishes the surrounding environment.

Ready to Add a Little More Color to Your Commercial Landscape in Greater Chicago?

Dollar for dollar, there are truly few investments that return as much impact to your overall excitement for each season as color.

Every time people come to your commercial property and see your flowers, it reflects positively on you, as well as raising your property value and curb appeal.

If you want a bit more color at your facility, contact KD Landscape for commercial landscaping services in Greater Chicago. Our experts know color, and would love to show you how we can incorporate brilliant blooms in your site every season. 

Want to learn more about KD Landscape’s commercial landscape service offerings for your commercial property? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice.

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