Looking for a little versatility in your landscape? Could be you’d like to see more colors and textures. Maybe you just want more greenery. You could be a huge fan of variety; (who doesn’t love variety?) Or quite possibly you love certain flowers, but want to move them about to suit any occasion.

Container planting can do all this and more.

You can have culinary convenience with containers full of herbs or salad greens located an arm’s length from your outdoor kitchen.

Your favorite spring scents can be placed near windows so those cherished aromas waft into your home.

You can have our professional landscape designers swap out your containers seasonally to highlight the best of spring, summer, fall, and winter – keeping things fresh and festive.

Not convinced container gardening could take your space to the next level of functionality and allure? Let us show you what container plant design can do for your landscape.

container plants on patio

Plant Accessibility At its Finest

As they say, “Location. Location. Location.” And that’s certainly the beauty of container plantings. They offer aesthetically pleasing ways to add visual focal points and color pops throughout your landscape – no matter how large or small, and despite incredible elevations or uniquely shaped yards.

Maybe you want certain types of plants placed in convenient areas that don’t offer traditional places for planting, such as on a large patio or deck.

Possibly you enjoy smelling flowers or clipping herbs and want urns that will bring the plants up closer to you so you don’t have to kneel down or bend far to reach them.

If you’re in a more urban area or have a smaller yard, containers can create more options for you to enjoy your favorite plants and add a bit of pizzazz.

patio and landscape with container plants

The Power of Portability

Maybe you don’t want to commit to one type of plant over another. Maybe you like to change things up a bit every once in a while. You’re unique and want to experience a little variety in life. We won’t judge.

Just share your goals with us. We can use container planting to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Container planting enables you to move plants from one location to another with ease. Maybe you’re having a party and want more room for seating on your patio. Move a few containers and your space is instantly rearranged without losing those special floral touches. With containers, you’re never limited by space – only by your imagination.

This is Your Chance to Be Creative

Container plant design gives you a chance to reflect your personal style. And since trends and fads vary year by year, you can always stay en vogue by easily changing up your containers or container plantings.

Let’s start with the base. Containers come in a variety of materials – clay, metal, wood, resin, and glazed ceramic.

The pots can even bring bold, bright hues to the scene. Terracottas. Greens. Blues. Grays. Even contemporary whites and blacks. You can find many containers that suit your purpose, theme, and blend seamlessly with your current home styles and trends.

Then we add the plants and flowers. Big, bold, and impactful. An avalanche of color. Traditional and quietly stylish. Monochromatic and elegant. Our design experts love to collaborate. It’s our pleasure to bring your vision to life.

We can’t contain our excitement! Let’s work together to come up with a clever container plant design and memorable seasonal rotations in your Greater Chicago area landscape!

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