There are quite a few reasons why it might be time to redo your landscaping in Greater Chicago. 

You might have bought a new home and aren’t too pleased with the landscaping that came with it. Or maybe you’ve lived in your home quite a long time, but the landscape is starting to show its age. After all, plants grow and change, so it’s normal for some things to fade, and maybe you want to add some plants you’ve always admired. 

Whatever the reason, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when updating old landscaping in Chicagoland. 

5 Reasons To Update Your Landscaping

While there’s no precise timeline or definitive answer as to when you should be updating a landscape, you might see some signs that tell you it’s time. 

Maybe you cringe at some overgrown shrubs everytime you pass them or you think your neighbors are judging you for an unkempt front yard. Or you’re just ready for a change. 

Either way, there are some questions you should ask yourself to determine your needs. 

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1. What is My Personal Style?

As you contemplate updating a landscape, consider your personal style. Are your furnishings modern with sharp edges and clean lines? Or do you prefer a more natural look that blends in with the outdoors? 

The right landscape designer can merge your key functional needs with your personal style to ensure you get a landscape that truly fits your purposes. 

2. Should I Start From Scratch Or Just Replace a Few Plants? 

As you begin to think about updating old landscaping, you might be wondering whether you need to start with an empty canvas or just need to replace a few key plants. 

A lot of homeowners assume a professional landscape company will take an all-or-nothing approach, but that’s not always the case. A residential design/build company can come up with a plan that uses some of your existing landscape by just relocating it to an area that makes it looks more attractive versus just placing plants without any plan. 
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3. When is the Best Time of Year to Redo Landscaping? 

When is it time to update your landscaping? You can tackle landscape renovations any time of year as long as the ground isn’t frozen. You can still plan the landscape design in winter, which is actually preferred so you can get the process started in spring when planting is actually possible. 

While spring tends to be that time when everyone wants to start a project, fall is actually a great time to renovate a landscape because it’s the best time for planting. The ground is still warm from summer, so plant roots grow well, and the cooler air temperatures don’t overstress the plants. 
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4. Can I Tackle My Landscape Project in Phases?

Updating a landscape can range from small renovations, such as removing overgrown and wilty shrubs and replacing them with a new and fresh design, to a larger overhaul that may require a bigger budget than you have planned. 

If that’s the case, phasing your project over time can ensure you get the final look you’re after in a timeline that meets your budget availability. 

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5. Are There Examples of Landscape Renovation Projects You Like?

The ideal way to know if you’re going to like the work a landscape company does on updating old landscaping is by looking at their past projects. 

Most experienced landscape professionals in the Greater Chicago area will have extensive portfolios showcasing their work. 

In addition to giving you inspiring and creative ideas, you can also ask for references to speak to past clients and find out more about the company’s design experience and service performance. 
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Work With a Pro When It’s Time to Update Your Landscaping in Chicagoland

Sure, updating old landscaping may seem a lot more involved than you first thought. 

With all of the considerations that come into play, you’ll want to work with the right professional to help you plan your project properly. This way it’ll last for years to come and be an investment that brings you continued joy. 

As you’re exploring landscape design/build companies in Chicagoland, we’d love it if you would consider KD Landscape in your search. We have experts on our team who design and install high-end landscaping who can give your yard the makeover it needs. 


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