While Greater Chicago industrial property managers may be focusing on getting their work done indoors, making sure they maintain outdoor areas is important to the bottom line, too.

In fact, neglecting your industrial property landscaping can lead to problems outdoors that can increase repair costs, as well as renovation expenses. 

You might think maintaining the lawn and trimming plants, trees, and shrubs at your industrial property are easy tasks. But the truth is you have to do it right to ensure you keep your landscape assets healthy, along with your curb appeal and business reputation. 

This is where bringing in a commercial landscape professional can help take this burden off of your shoulders and give you peace of mind in knowing your industrial property landscape is taken care of, giving your business a positive boost so it looks good for your employees and customers.

6 Ways Landscape Maintenance For Industrial Properties Improves Your Business

Sometimes doing things yourself makes sense. Adding an extra task to your plate is a common occurrence today.

But on your industrial property, your exterior landscaping is not something you can just throw into your team’s day. To ensure your industrial property landscaping looks good, grows strong, and enhances your business, you need regular, experienced landscape professionals that take the time to maintain your site properly. 

Bringing in a professional commercial landscape business can make a world of difference in not only your landscape but also in your stress levels, reducing headaches and unnecessary repair costs. 

Let’s look at the various ways a pro can help improve the care of your industrial property landscape in Greater Chicago.

1. Create a More Welcoming and Inviting Environment For Potential Employees

Today, recruiting top talent is becoming harder by the day, and keeping those employees once you find them is crucial. 

patio with seating and annual flower plantings

You can give your industrial property landscaping an advantage by providing a more welcoming environment for employees with professional commercial landscaping. 

This includes adding and maintaining a patio or lunch area for your employees so they can enjoy their breaks and lunches.

2. Professional Industrial Property Landscaping Increases Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can do a lot for your industrial property. It helps build trust in your business, increases your brand visibility, draws traffic to your company, helps your business stand out from competitors, and improves employee pride. 

landscape maintenance team mows grass near entrance

Your industrial property landscaping is the best way to present a positive first impression. If you keep it neat and well maintained, it makes your property inviting and shows your business cares about its appearance and runs a clean shop. An unkempt property, on the other hand, could lead to potential customers thinking you run a dirty and unorganized operation.

3. Boost Safety & Security For Industrial Properties

Safety is a key part of maintaining both the inside and outside of your industrial facility in Greater Chicago. You want to keep your property clean to make employees and visitors feel safe, as well as maintain a positive reputation in your local community. 

Trimming trees and shrubs helps increase visibility for those entering your property. It also gives thieves or criminals fewer places to hide, which helps reduce crime. 

landscape technician prunes shrubs with hedge trimmer

Managing drainage and removing snow and ice can limit standing water and resulting slips and falls. 

Adding lighting and enhancing landscaping around signage can ensure your entryways are easier to find for employees and visitors. 

Another perk of professional industrial property landscaping is that it helps decrease any costs that may result from safety issues, saving you fines and liability claims that can result if someone gets hurt on your site.

4. Enhance Sustainability

By choosing professional industrial property landscaping, you can enhance your initiatives. 

Managing stormwater, for instance, reduces runoff and limits erosion, improving soil on your site. Mitigating shoreline erosion is an important step in maintaining a facilities storm-water management plan.

flowers and plantings near seating area and detention pond

Sustainable techniques can also cut down on your overall landscape maintenance costs. Ideas that help do this include adding wildflower or native prairie grass gardens, building rooftop gardens, and properly pruning trees and shrubs to improve tree health.

5. Eliminate Bigger Problems

If you barely have time to maintain your property, you may not notice issues that come up on your Greater Chicago industrial landscape until they get too big to manage. 

property manager walks around property with account manager

Industrial property landscaping problems like standing water, erosion, and dead trees and shrubs can turn into bigger issues and more expensive fixes than if these problems were addressed right away. 

When you hire a professional, you get someone regularly looking at your property who can spot issues before they become extreme.

6. Take Pride In How Your Industrial Property Looks

When your industrial property landscaping looks nice, you feel better. 

When you see a fresh layer of mulch polish up your property or notice seasonal color blooming throughout the year, you get a surge of pride knowing your Greater Chicago industrial property is an attractive part of your local community, boosting your curb appeal and enhancing your business image. 

container garden near entrance to commercial building

When you notice that you have fewer weeds popping up in your landscape, you know your property is in good hands, and you don’t have to worry about overgrown plants that look unkempt and mismanaged.

Industrial Property Landscaping is Best Done by a Professional

Maintaining great-looking industrial property landscaping means having key outdoor tasks on a schedule, particularly during the growing season, as well as ensuring lingering or potential issues don’t get missed. 

It takes a proactive plan and an attention to detail to do this properly. 

This can be tough to do on your own. It can be easy for outdoor tasks to fall behind while you’re juggling indoor tasks. We understand. 

That’s where calling in a professional can help take these tasks off of your plate, ensuring your landscape stays consistently maintained, healthy, and safe. This can also save you money by eliminating costly repairs and renovations. 

Let KD Landscape help. We can save you time and energy and keep your industrial landscape looking sharp. We can also recommend some key ideas to elevate your property and keep your employees happy and your curb appeal strong, while helping you stick to your budget. 

Want to learn more about our commercial maintenance services for your Greater Chicago industrial site? Get started today with a free quote. We’ll review your options together so you can make a great choice. 
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