Your home landscape is where memories are made. Maybe you take the same family photo under the large front yard tree or celebrate special occasions around the same fireplace by the backyard patio.

These places invite you in. They are places you gravitate to. In essence, they are focal points. 

Creating focal points to include in a landscape design can help you communicate your style and vision and give people a place to congregate. They can center a space. 

Let’s learn more about landscape focal point ideas in the Chicagoland area so you can be inspired by some creative ideas.  

What Are Landscape Focal Points?

A focal point in landscape design is what your eye sees first in an area. 

This could be the largest, brightest object in your Chicagoland landscape or it could even be something subtle but memorable. Focal points should add pops of interest and uniqueness to your landscape design. Usually, focal points are inanimate objects or living plants. 

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There are many options for creating focal points. Here are some ways you can do that in your home landscape.  

What Should Focal Points in Landscape Design Be?

Landscape focal points come in a variety of forms. A tall tree or a large boulder can be a focal point, as can a unique statue, water feature, bench, or fire feature

fire bowl on property with pergola and pool

These attention-grabbing pieces can be complemented by whimsical decor and great plants. 

Whatever your focal point is, it must be sturdy and strong, as well as healthy, looking great during every season.

Where Should You Locate Landscape Focal Points?

There are natural sight paths in your Greater Chicago landscape. These areas can help you place your landscape focal points. 

pavilion with fireplace and outdoor kitchen and pool

For instance, the pathway to the front door and the view from your windows to your backyard are two examples of key sight lines. Locating a focal point at the end of these natural pathways can provide promising direction for guests. Adding minor focal points along longer paths can guide visitors as they go. 

A key rule is to have only one focal point per main view unless your space is extremely large and vast. You never want to overdo focal points. Too many focal points can create a cluttered look and defeat the whole purpose.

How Big or Small Should Landscape Focal Points Be?

Your landscape designer will take the size of your space into consideration when determining the size of your focal point or the number of landscape focal points. 

aerial landscape with walkways and patio

Larger spaces, for instance, may have more than one focal point, combining features. Multiple focal points will include a mix of large and small features, so your eyes aren't overwhelmed. It’s about balance.

Use Landscape Focal Points to Make a Bigger Impact In Your Chicagoland Yard

Now that you understand the use of focal points in landscape design, it’s time to get your project going. 

As you begin to contemplate ideas, you might find yourself overwhelmed with different strategies and not sure what to do next with your outdoor space. 

That’s OK. KD Landscape can help. We can walk you through the landscape design process and help you prioritize your needs so you end up with that Chicagoland landscape you’ve always wanted and focal points that provide the best places to secure your family memories. 

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your Greater Chicago landscape into something beyond your expectations? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver a custom space that stands out. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you. Then you can enjoy your new landscape for years to come.

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