As the weather cools and fall approaches, you may start to think less about your landscape.

But this is actually a great time of year to think about landscape installation in Frankfort, IL. Autumn’s shorter days, less intense sunlight, more rain and cooler temperatures all provide a better planting environment.

And even though you’re not thinking about spring yet, this season is the ideal time to set up the perfect spring scene by planting flowering trees, unique perennials and bulbs to ensure your landscape wakes up with color exactly when and where you need it after a long, dark winter.

Let’s look at how you can take advantage of fall landscape projects in Frankfort, IL.

Why Are Landscaping Projects in Fall a Good Idea?

Once the hottest summer days are gone and the ground isn’t yet frozen, you can plant most anything you desire in your landscape.

But there are some nuances with timing. Mid-August to mid-October is the ideal time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials in Frankfort, IL. In fact, as long as trees still have leaves, you can plant them.

lambs ear stacchys planting along retaining wall border bed

Mid-October is the perfect time to plant spring-blooming bulbs. This ensures they get the prolonged exposure to cold they need to guarantee flowers in spring.

When in doubt, always check your soil for guidance. If it’s not frozen, it’s usually fine for landscape installation in Frankfort, IL.

Here are the many reasons you should embrace fall landscape projects.

Plants Thrive in Fall Temperatures

The warm daytime temperatures and cool nights of fall are perfect for landscape installation in Frankfort, IL.

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This is because warm days encourage growth, while cool nights prevent stress and allow plants to better acclimate in their new locations. This is completely opposite of planting during summer’s hot days, when plants are under more stress and require more water to grow healthy.

Also, plants grow strong in soil temperatures of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which happens in fall. So, planting trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, and grass at this time is ideal.

Rainfall Helps New Plants Grow Roots in Fall

Fall weather is naturally wetter in Greater Chicago. We get more rainfall, on average, and that soil moisture is better for landscape installation in Frankfort, IL.

landscape planting bed perennial close up

Proper soil moisture is critical during the initial stages of root establishment. And this lessens the burden for you to constantly have to water newly planted trees, shrubs and grass.

By planting in fall, you give your plants a strong start before winter and spring. Then by summer when temperatures do heat up and soil dries, roots are already deeper and plants are more resilient as a result.

Falling for Hardscapes

Autumn is also a great time for bigger projects that involve landscape design in Frankfort, IL. This includes hardscapes, such as pergolas, outdoor kitchens, patios, water features, and other non-plant accessories like landscape lighting.

The outdoor kitchen is one of the quintessential spots for entertainment, cooking, and dining al fresco. A patio can provide a spot to enjoy those fresh cooked foods.

fire pit patio and sitting wall in backyard landscape

Pergolas or pavilions can add height to your space, creating a sense of arrival in your backyard and providing some screening and privacy.

Fire features are popular because they create the perfect gathering spot for family and friends to enjoy, as well as adding a touch of warmth as the temperatures cool in the evening hours and light as the days grow shorter.

And nothing extends your fall days just a little bit longer than professionally designed landscape lighting to illuminate a pathway or deck stairs or create drama with shade and moon lighting.

All of these projects can be done in autumn when landscape crews tend to be less busy and conditions are still perfect for project installation.

Embrace Fall Landscape Projects to Get the Backyard of Your Dreams

Now that you are powered with these key reasons landscape design in Frankfort, IL is ideal during the fall, you might be excited to start planning.

As you find different spots in your landscape that you’d like to update or your wish list feels long, you might wonder where you should start? Should you focus on the front yard first for curb appeal or the backyard first for entertainment and relaxation

Looking at an entire landscape at one time can feel quite stressful. Let KD Landscape help relieve that stress by asking you some key questions about your lifestyle and needs so we can show you some possibilities to help you focus your time and budget effectively this fall.

The end result will be an outdoor area that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your home landscape with a landscape design in Frankfort, IL? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a design that you will love.

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