Your backyard is an extension of what’s going on inside your home -- whether that’s colorful and playful, casual and fun, elegant and sophisticated, clean and modern, or natural and lived-in. The possibilities, as they say, are quite endless.

In fact, there are so many options, your head might already be spinning. This is supposed to be fun, after all. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

How do you incorporate all those stunning suburban Chicago backyard ideas you love and merge them with your own style and in your own unique landscape?

Here are 5 landscape design trends that can get you focused on some amazing, yet functional, backyard elements that will not only add value and usable space, but also won’t disappoint today or even for years to come.

5 Backyard Landscape Ideas For Your Naperville, IL Home

Just start scrolling through images on Houzz in a garden design magazine or even while watching one of the latest landscape transformation shows on HGTV, and you’ll instantly see there’s a suburban backyard idea for every kind of home landscape out there.

Landscaping design in a small urban backyard While you’re specific materials -- bluestone vs. brick, for instance -- or your unique flower combinations and style may differ, you can’t go wrong with each of these core elements that give your backyard everything from shade to drama to intrigue to functionality.

1. Become a Grill Master

The outdoor kitchen is one of the quintessential spots for entertainment, cooking, and dining al fresco. After all, nothing beats that freshly grilled flavor, and if it’s situated next to an herb garden where you can cut a sprig of rosemary or snip some thyme, all the better.

You can get a complete chef’s kitchen in your Naperville, IL backyard landscape or just opt for a modest grill and bar to accompany your patio. A glowing landscape design can connect these complementing elements so they seamlessly flow together.
Outdoor grill with seating and fire pit
The specific location of your outdoor kitchen in your backyard can also be important to consider. You want to conveniently and smoothly be able to move in and out of your home into your outside cooking space. This means it will be closer to your home versus further away in the yard.

2. Made in the Shade

The summer sun is glorious, but too much of a good thing can always cause problems. Sunburn sure packs a sting. We can tell you how to avoid it: shade.

But not just any shade will do when you’re trying to take your suburban Chicago backyard landscape to the next level. Enjoy that cool cover in style with a pergola or pavilion.

The pergola is a way to add height with an arbor that creates a sense of arrival in your backyard and provides some screening and privacy.Pergola

The pavilion is at the apex of landscape wood structures because it can be raining outside and you’ll stay bone-dry enjoying an iced tea or chatting with friends while watching the game on your outdoor television.Pavillion with outdoor firepalce

3. Add Some Ambiance

Fire features are still hot on the list of backyard landscape ideas you should consider for your Naperville, IL landscape design. Yep, we said it. And you can’t help but get excited about a stone fireplace heating up your yard or a cozy fire pit surrounded by loved ones enjoying s’mores.

Fire features are so popular because they create the perfect gathering spot for family and friends to enjoy. Not only do they add a touch of warmth as the temperatures cool in the evening hours, but they also add some light -- but not just any light. We’re talking about flickering, dancing flames that create a relaxing retreat.Gas fire pit and patio

4. Extend the Day

You embrace summertime for it’s long days and abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. And sometimes you don’t want that magical feeling to end when the sun goes down.

Enter landscape lighting. Nothing extends your summer days just a little bit longer than professionally designed and installed bits of brightness to illuminate a pathway or deck stairs or create drama with shade and moon lighting.

No one wants to sit in the dark while cooking in their outdoor kitchen or living area either. Light it up as part of your backyard landscape design, and keep the fun goinLandscape lighting used to light up your patio at night

5. Can’t ‘Contain’ Your Excitement

Now that you have all of your hardscapes covered, it’s time to think about ways to spice it up with color, texture, and drama. That’s where landscape containers come into your Naperville, IL backyard landscape picture.

There are garden containers for every occasion and style. Maybe you want to inject strategic pops of color or add another dimension with vertical topiaries. What’s more is you can change it once a year or even three times a year for a fresh look. Even a small change or update can give your backyard a whole new feel without a lot of extra work.Colorful and tropical containers

Boost Your Backyard Appeal

Backyard landscape design in suburban Chicago towns, such as Naperville, Elmhurst and Hinsdale, is often driven by the desire to spend more time entertaining family and friends. If you want your backyard to be the neighborhood hub, or you’re just seeking a retreat from everyday hecticness, your backyard can do all this and more.

Does this still sound like a lot to consider? There’s nothing to worry about. All you need is a professional landscape design to tie all of your desired elements together and you’ll have it made. That’s where KD Landscape experts can help. We can take your ideas and turn them into outdoor art that fits your needs, landscape, and budget.

Ready to see how KD Landscape can transform your suburban Chicago backyard into a place you’ll never want to leave? We’d love to share our design and installation expertise with you and deliver a custom space. Get started today with a free consultation. Together, we can prepare a plan that works best for you. Then you can escape to your backyard retreat anytime you need to get away. Go ahead; we won’t tell a soul.

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